Professor Patrick Fairclough


Professor of Composite Engineering


Tel: +44 (0)114 222 7798

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Garden Street, North Campus, Broad Lane,
Sheffield S3 7HQ, UK

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We started the project to look at biofuels from algae, initially to study the viscosity changes but to do this we need to cultivate the algae and then extract the fuel. So we are now looking at ways to make this less energy intensive.

My group has a wide range of facilities for characterising materials in general and polymers in particular. We have a range of X-ray and light scattering kit, including small angle xray scattering

BSc in Physics from Birmingham in 1995, then a postdoc in polymers and finally to the Chemistry department in Sheffield in 1997. My interests are soft condensed matter, polymers, and their properties. I have a general interest in science and have enjoyed working on projects on bed bugs, saliva and now guillemot eggs to name a few. I enjoy collaborative research and I've always been keen on learning something new everyday



Main supervisor

Thomas Sydney