Digital Commons Retreats

Are you a member of academic staff? Got a great learning and teaching idea – but need help to make it happen?

The Digital Commons Retreats are an innovative way of working on learning and teaching. The Retreats are based upon the idea of ‘hackathons’ or ‘hack days’, which software developers have used to work intensively on new projects or improve existing applications usually with the intention of having working outcomes at the end of the hack.

Running up to twice a year Retreats are an ideal opportunity if you’ve a concrete learning and teaching problem that you want to solve. The Retreat builds a team of technical and educational development support around you and gives you two full days to work on a solution to take back to your department.

Support can come from right across the University, for example, the Library, 301, the Online Learning Team, the Technology Enhanced Learning Team, Learning and Teaching Services, University of Sheffield Enterprise, The Careers Service or the Creative Media Team - whoever's most relevant to that particular project. Successful applications have varied widely from creating new learning resources for your students to adapting a module to be taught in different ways.

To give you an idea of what can be achieved and what happened on the retreat in July 2016, have a look at this video.

To find out more about the project outcomes from the 2016 and 2017 Retreats click here.

The next retreat dates will be announced in 2017/18, until then if you have an idea you wish to discuss please email the Directors of Digital Learning, Chris Stokes and Marie Kinsey