Conference programme

Thursday 6th July


Registration and refreshments (Workroom 2, Diamond)


Welcome, Professor Wyn Morgan (Vice President for Education) and Professor Brendan Stone (Director of Learning and Teaching, Outward Facing) Lecture Theatre 5, Diamond


Keynote: Professor Mike Neary (University of Lincoln) 'Engaging with the Engaged University'  Lecture Theatre 5, Diamond

1040 Parallel sessions 

Session 1 - Active citizenship and social change (LT5, Diamond) 

Chair: Fran Sutherland (Educational Developer, University of Sheffield) 

Briony Birdi (University of Sheffield) Engaged learning and the development of cultural awareness and social responsibility in students

Helen Waters-Marsh (Bishop Grosseteste University) Students creating change 

Willy Kitchen University of Sheffield) Teaching social science in the post-Brexit classroom 

Session 2 - Curriculum design (LT6, Diamond)

Chair: Juliet Storey (Educational Developer, University of Sheffield) 

Chloe McDaid and Alastair Buckley (University of Sheffield) Internal externals as a promising scaffold for project based learning

Ludek Knittl and Neil Bermel (University of Sheffield) How engaged are our languages?

Nigel Russell (University of Sheffield) Reshaping the HE programme: equipping learners for life 

1200- 1300

Lunch and Exhibition (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Poster: Yun Xin Koh (University of Sheffield), Simon Rose and Arthita Das (Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust) Our vision, our future: harnessing the power of the third sector in education 

Poster: Jane Laing (University of Sheffield), Jess McEwen and Fiona Addison (Sheffield City Council) Bridge over troubled water: working together to ensure that social work students are fit to practice

1310 Parallel sessions 

Session 3 - Employment and enterprise (LT5, Diamond) 

Chair: Sara Pates (University of Sheffield Enterprise)

Claire Conway (University of Sheffield) Engaging students to enhance employability 

Katy Gregg and Owen Radford-Lloyd (University of Leeds) Student placements in schools - what counts as success?

Session 4 - Global challenges (LT6, Diamond) 

Chair: Fern Merrills (Project Officer, University of Sheffield) 

Bland Tomkinson, Rosemary Tomkinson, Helen Dobson and Veronica Sanchez Romaguera (University of Manchester) Engaging with global societal challenges 

Marcellus Mbah and Charles Fonchingong (Canterbury Christ Church University) Forging a university-aided indigenous community education policy: village elders, informal education and social development in Cameroon 


Workshop session 5 (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Brendan Stone (University of Sheffield) Facing Outwards: Engaged Learning at the University of Sheffield 

Session 6 - The student experience (LT5, Diamond) 

Chair: Jessica Baily (Projects and Student Partnerships Manager, University of Sheffield) 

Antony Williams, Lorraine Campbell, Penny Fogg, and Victoria Lewis (University of Sheffield) Real world research: student/teacher experiences of delivering small-scale research projects 

Lada Price (University of Sheffield) Students as co-creators: learning database created by and for students

1520 Refreshments (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Session 7 - Reflections on practice (LT5, Diamond)

Chair: Nigel Russell (Professional Development Team, University of Sheffield) 

Sarah Humphreys and Lydia Bleasedale (University of Leeds) 'Just a 36 page form then?': Engaging with the realities of welfare law 

Mia Gordon and Gillian Hipp (Hereford College of Art) Creating theatre practitioners for the 21st Century

Gareth Bramley, Louise Glover and Gillian Hutchens (University of Sheffield) with Curtis Blackham and Jaspreet Sagoo (FreeLaw students) How to encourage self-learning, peer learning, and students as producers: a case study on clinical legal education at the University of Sheffield 

Session 8 - Modes of public engagement (LT6, Diamond) 

Chair: Amy Ryall (External Engagement Project Manager, University of Sheffield)

Bronwin Patrickson (University of Leeds) Mobilising the public imaginary

Elizabeth Goodwin, Laura Alston and Courtenay Crichton-Turley (University of Sheffield) and Sally Rodgers (Heeley City Farm) Integration and representation: successes and challenges of conducting and including public engagement projects within academia

David Owen (University of Bristol and NCCPE) Assessing student learning


Close (LT5, Diamond)

Friday 7th July
0900 Registration and refreshments (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Welcome, Professor Brendan Stone (Workroom 2, Diamond) 

Panel discussion: Professor Brendan Stone (Chair), Ryan Bramley and John O'Brien (PGT Students, University of Sheffield), Dr Lauren Buck (Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield), Dr Veronica Barnsley (School of English, University of Sheffield) 


Session 9 - Meaningful co-production (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Paper: Janet Harris (University of Sheffield) Co-producing what? - and why? 

Workshop: Kate Pahl (University of Sheffield) and Vicky Ward (Community partner) Critical approaches to co-production: what does it take to do meaningful co-production?

Session 10 - Health and social accountability (Workroom 1, Diamond)

Chair: David Reid (School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Sheffield) 

Joanne Thompson (University of Sheffield) and Hannah Hall (Cancer Information and Support Centre) What does social accountability do for community organisations?

Sanchika Campbell and Stephanie Beards (Kings College London) Engaging young people in community health research: the Research Methods in Schools Education (RISE) project 

Emma McKenzie (York St John) and Lucy Coleman (Converge) A case study of converge: a partnership between a university and health provider 

1100-1115 Refreshments (Workroom 2, Diamond) 

Session 11 - Storying and oral histories (Workroom 2, Diamond)

Workshop: Helen Crimlisk, Chrissy Bonham, Gaelle Slater (NHS), Kay Aitch (Independent artist), and Brendan Stone (University of Sheffield) Added value in lived experience in medical education: a co-produced masterclass using storying techniques 

Session 12 - The impact of engaged learning (Workroom 1, Diamond) 

Chair: Ryan Bramley (University of Sheffield) 

Lee Crookes (University of Sheffield) Achieving impact through engaged learning 

Anita Walsh and Philip Powell (Birkbeck) Impact through engaged learning: working with mode 2 knowledge and intrapreneurship 

Christopher Little (Keele University) 'The opportunity to express ourselves': short and long term benefits of participation in an extracurricular undergraduate research conference


Closing plenary (Workroom 2, Diamond) 

Dr Claire Gordon (London School of Economics) 

1300 Lunch (Workroom 1 Diamond) 
1330 TELFEST: Plenary talk: Professor Mike Sharples (Chair in Educational Technology, Learning and Teaching Innovation, Open University) 'Innovative Pedagogies', introduced by Professor Wyn Morgan (Vice President, Education) 

TELFEST: Innovation Corner 

Get inspired and interact with trending technologies enhancing learning at the University of Sheffield.