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You can find out more about engaged learning at Sheffield and further afield by using the resources provided below.

The Engaged Learning Sheffield publication, produced in late 2015, brings together a sample of work including examples of longstanding projects and newer initiatives developed over the past two years. You can read this on the publication page, or download it on our homepage.

The ideas and vision behind this project are potentially transformative, both of students and communities.

Graham Duncan, St Mary’s Church and Conference Centre, and The Art House, Sheffield.

In working to realise our aims, we are drawing on existing and linked themes, work streams, and initiatives. These include:

  • University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE)
  • Department for Lifelong Learning
  • Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning
  • SURE scheme
  • Interdisciplinarity

Staff at the University connect to several external networks, including:

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement
Connected Communities
Sheffield Arts & Wellbeing Network

And many others not listed here.

You can follow the progress of several newer projects on our dedicated blog.