Internationalisation of Learning and Teaching


Internationalisation is a key theme in learning and teaching at the University of Sheffield. We define it as "a process of change that increasingly places the understanding and ambition of staff and students in an international context".

Internationalisation is prominent in key University strategies and statements. In particular:

  • the Learning and Teaching Strategy (2011-2016) prioritises the development of cultural agility, flexibility, and the ability of our graduates to compete strongly in the global labour market
  • the University Strategic Plan aims to extend the horizons of our staff and students so that their ambitions are set in a global context, and
  • the Sheffield Graduate aims for the University to enable all of our graduates to demonstrate that they are active citizens who respect diversity, are culturally agile and able to work in multinational settings.

 Think Global has been a project seeking to advance these aims.

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The overarching priorities and current focus of Think Global were:

  • Curriculum content and delivery
  • Domestic-International student integration and interaction

Areas of work addressing these priorities included:

  • ensuring complementarity with other University initiatives, such as Civic Engagement and Employability;
  • communicating the value of the internationalisation of learning and teaching to all staff;
  • staff induction;
  • providing support and resources for departments;
  • pre-arrival information for students;
  • student and staff mobility; and
  • reward and recognition for staff and students.


Our latest resource, Internationalisation of Learning & Teaching across the student journey, showcases Sheffield specific initiatives and approaches over the past 8 years. A pdf download is available to the right of this page. Hard copies are available on request from Academic & Learning Services.

For other resources on internationalisation of the curriculum and teaching diverse groups, visit Think Global.