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We are on a journey to shape the next five years of learning and teaching at Sheffield.

We have been working to develop the University's new Learning & Teaching Strategy, which outlines aspirations for our provision from July 2016 to 2021. We involved a wide range of staff and students in the consultation process which took place throughout 2015-16.

Key parts of the consultation process are outlined below:

December 2015

Consultation workshops & online consultation for staff and students to share their ideas.
Students' Union Council Workshop

January 2016

Learning & Teaching Conference - This was an opportunity for staff and students to hear an update on consultation progress and give their comments both in person and in written form at the exhibition.

Faculty consultation - We have worked with Directors of Learning and Teaching at Departmental and Faculty level to find out how they would like to shape the Strategy, and held Faculty-specific consultation events throughout January and February 2016.

April 2016

The draft Learning & Teaching Strategy was made available to staff, students and alumni from 27th April until 11th May for comments. 

If you missed the opportunity to comment on the draft at this stage, please get in touch with your departmental or faculty learning and teaching representative.

May 2016

Draft Strategy was re-worked based on feedback and goes to Learning and Teaching Committee for further input from staff and student representatives.

June 2016

Strategy goes to Senate for approval.

July 2016

Strategy goes to Council for approval.