Student Engagement in Learning & Teaching

The University of Sheffield (TUOS) recognises and values the importance of student engagement for the development of a high-quality learning and teaching experience for all.

Student engagement in learning and teaching refers to students’ active participation in the academic environment resulting in an enhanced learning experience. This may be through involvement with their individual studies, and/or the structures and processes that underpin learning and teaching.

Student Engagement Map


Active participation encourages our students to take more responsibility for, and have ownership of, their learning, thus enhancing their academic experience

Student engagement in learning and teaching recognises the different goals, approaches and motivations of each individual student as well as the collective student voice

Active engagement of our students is the main channel through which we are able to get feedback from our students, helping us to develop and improve all aspects of university life

Partnership and collaboration between our students and staff creates mutually beneficial learning communities

Student engagement in learning and teaching underpins deep, transformational learning

Student engagement in learning and teaching enables the attainment of skills, thus enhancing the employability of our students


The University has a set of Contextualising Principles which demonstrate the practical ways in which student engagement in learning and teaching can be understood at The University of Sheffield.

We are funding a number of student engagement projects developed by students and staff.

We have 9 teams of Student Associates in Learning & Teaching (SALTs) who are employed to work collaboratively with staff on learning & teaching development projects.

The Student Engagement Steering Group works to develop and enhance student engagement in learning and teaching in the institution.

Latest news

New Inside Knowledge projects confirmed

Following last year's funding of student engagement projects, we have developed a new scheme to fund academic staff and students working together on an aspect of learning provision or academic community in their departments. Find out more about the projects here.

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