21 July 2006

Sheffield volunteer awarded Chancellor's medal

This year's Chancellor's Medal has been presented to a recent graduate who, as a student, launched a unique bereavement support service aimed at local children.

Robert Arthur, who graduated with a BA in Social and Political Studies in 2005, received the annual prize in acknowledgment of the voluntary service he undertook while a student at the University.

Robert, 25, volunteered with the Sheffield Children's Project. The project helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them support and organising activities. After a year volunteering with the project Robert became team leader, juggling the responsibility of planning trips and contacting social workers with his final-year degree studies. He plans to return to the project and join them on their annual holiday in August.

Robert said, "I believe so strongly in volunteering and its benefits. For me, it was such a big part of my University life and I loved working with the children."

After his graduation Robert continued his commitment to local children by helping to launch ANTS, A Nice Time on Saturdays, which helps bereaved children in Sheffield meet those with similar experiences. The project, which organises day trips and counselling sessions for children, provides much needed respite to families striving to cope with their loss.

Stella McHugh, the Sheffield Volunteering Project Manager who nominated Robert for the award, said, "His achievements are quite outstanding. Few people give so much time over such a long period."

Robert was presented with the Chancellor's Medal at the 12 noon degree congregation at the Octagon Centre on Wednesday 19 July 2006.