27 October 2006

Launch of new Alumni Fund Telephone Campaign

Wednesday 18 October saw the launch of the latest Alumni Fund telephone campaign.

The Alumni Fund, run by the Development and Alumni Relations Office, raises donations from graduates and friends of the University. These donations provide resources and opportunities for our students that would not otherwise be possible.

The annual telephone campaign is an essential part of the Alumni Fund and will see current students from the University initiate and maintain contact with over 30,000 alumni from the UK and all over the world. The team of 20 student callers are committed and enthusiastic about the Alumni Fund and the different projects the money is raised for.

Projects include:

  • Student Scholarships - creating scholarships of £2,000 each, for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds who might not otherwise be able to study here.

  • Student resources - such as the refurbishment and redevelopment of student accommodation.

  • Student life - providing grants to student clubs and societies for sport, drama, music, community and welfare activities that develop both life skills and life-long friendships.

We are pleased to report that, since August, this year’s Annual Fund campaign has already raised £17,000 from 190 donors. Overall, more than 2,100 alumni and friends have made donations to the Alumni Fund since it began in 2003, raising more than £300,000. This generosity has helped transform the lives of many students, giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

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