17 June 2007

1982 Metallurgy Graduates reunion

On a lovely sunny day, 12 BMet (Hons) Graduates of 1982 celebrated the 25th anniversary of their graduation.

They were met at their old Metallurgy department by Professor Panos Tsakiropoulos, who was a mere Post Grad back in 1982. Sat in the comfort of the Hume Rothery lecture theatre brought back memories of the seminars of days gone by as Panos brought them up to speed with the changes in the departmental structure, the new courses and the creation of the industrial partnership enterprises such as Impetus, whilst also informing us of the whereabouts of the staff of the time.

A quick look at department staff pictures revealed Prof. Geoff Greenwood still going strong, with Mike Sellars and Tony Bryant other notable names from 1979-82. The tour planned to end in the Glass Museum and things livened up dramatically when Panos set off the alarm and had to call out security to turn it off!

Then next stop was the Red Deer to shoot a video for Tony McPartland who, although tracked down to Vancouver, couldn't join them.