24 Hour Lecture Challenge raises thousands for Charity

Image of Pudsey Bear with Lecturer

An academic from the Department of Physics and Astronomy has raised more than £7,000 for Children in Need during a 24-hour lecture challenge.

Dr Tim Richardson gave 24 back-to-back lectures during his Science-a-thon event with the help of his support team. The lecturers covered a range of subjects including Harry Potter, nanoparticles and even how to make ice-cream from liquid nitrogen.

Tim said, “In my opinion, universities are all about people coming together to achieve really worthwhile results and this was a great example of exactly that.”

The Science-a-thon ran from 5pm on 17 November in different venues across the University campus. At one point, Tim continued to lecture while wheeling a white board from the Hicks Building to Firth Court.

Tim added, “It was absolutely brilliant, absolutely exhausting, absolutely humbling. We had so much support from lots of individuals and groups. I've been working evenings and weekends towards the event for ages and Loui Bowdery, the Physics student who was the main event manager, and her team have been doing the same. I knew it would be a difficult challenge but I underestimated just how difficult and when with 10 hours to go I started to feel queasy and a bit faint, I felt as if I wouldn't finish. But the support I got then from so many people pulled me through.”

The lectures were colour coded according to the level of scientific knowledge needed for each one which enabled Tim to do something for everyone.

Tim explained, “The green lectures were aimed at those without a scientific background, while the yellow lectures were aimed at university students, sixth formers and others with a scientific background. The red research- based lectures were for descendants of Einstein only.”

Tickets were sold at £1.50 per lecture or people could pay £4 for a wrist band to enter all the talks. In addition there were prizes donated by Sheffield businesses which were raffled off throughout the fundraising challenge and refreshments and cakes donated by University catering.

Tim continued, “I was completely exhausted but also euphoric when it was all over. I didn't expect the long standing ovation I got when I finished. That was something very special which will stay with me forever.”

Donations are still coming in and Tim hopes to reach a total of more than £8,000.

You can donate by going to Tim's fundraising website.