Alumni Board Meeting Minutes

29 June 2015


Mr Richard Mayson, in the Chair, Mr John Kelly as Deputy Chair

Mr Mark Ansell, Ms Susanna Chiu, Professor Elizabeth Gillott, Mr Chris Furness, Mr Ciaran Jones, Ms Mina Kasherova, Mrs Claire Kilner, Dr Keith Layden, Professor Claire McGourlay, Miss Sikose Mjali, Dr Trevor Richards, Dr Kathryn Riddle, Professor Tilli Tansey, Mr Brian Wrigley


Miss Heather Bellamy

In attendance

Mrs Ruth Arnold, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Mr Robert Dufton, Miss Emma Packham, Mrs Helen Rey, Mrs Claire Rundström, Miss Yael Shafritz, Mr Miles Stevenson


Miss Emily Knights, Sir Peter Middleton, Dr Tom Slatter

1. Introduction

The Chair welcomed members, who each gave a brief introduction of themselves.

2. Minutes and matters arising

The minutes were approved as a correct record of the last meeting.

Matters arising:

The Chairperson presented Trevor Richards with the Sheffield Alumni Volunteers Leadership Award, having been unable to attend the Sheffield Alumni Volunteers Thank You Event on 4 June 2015.

The Chairperson congratulated Board member, Professor Claire McGourlay on being chosen by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to receive a National Teaching Fellowship.

3. Report of the Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, gave a presentation reflecting on the University’s position nationally and internationally. The Vice Chancellor spoke about key issues for the University in regards to innovation and productivity, vocational education, postgraduate funding and Europe.

4. The Role of a University of Sheffield Ambassador

Miles Stevenson and Claire Rundström presented a draft paper on the role of a University of Sheffield Ambassador. The Board discussed the proposal and gave suggestions on how to move forward with defining the role.

5. Legacy Update

Miles Stevenson gave a presentation detailing the legacy pledges received to date as well as information on the types of legacies, recognition and communications.

6. Alumni Membership Cards

Claire Rundström, led a discussion on the topic of Alumni Membership Cards. The Board discussed whether they should be reissued to all alumni in their current laminated form or whether hard cards with a magnetic strip should be used.

7. Review of the Draft Volunteering Policy

Emma Packham, presented a draft of the Alumni Volunteering policy and welcomed comments from the Board.

8. Report on the Distribution of Alumni Gifts

Miles Stevenson, presented a report on the distribution of alumni gifts and welcomed comments and questions from the Board. Robert Dufton, Director of Campaigns, also discussed the recent and potential growth of the Alumni Fund.

9. Results of the Alumni Survey

Claire Rundström, gave a verbal update on the results of the recent alumni survey, highlighting key figures and successes in increasing alumni engagement.

10. Alumni Events Past and Future

The Board reviewed a paper highlighting past and future events. Richard Mayson encouraged all Board members to take an active role in attending events and representing the Alumni Board where possible. The Board shared positive feedback on recent events that they had attended and made suggestions on how the events programme could be extended.

11. Date of next meeting

25 November 2015, in the Council Room, Firth Court.

February or March 2016, London, TBC.

June 2016, Sheffield, TBC.