Alumni Board Meeting Minutes

4 February 2016


Mr Richard Mayson, in the Chair and Mr John Kelly as Deputy Chair

Mr Mark Ansell, Ms Susanna Chiu, Professor Elizabeth Gillott, Mr Chris Furness, Mr Ciaran Jones, Ms Mina Kasherova, Mrs Claire Kilner, Ms Emily Knights, Dr Keith Layden, Dr Trevor Richards, Dr Tom Slatter, Professor Tilli Tansey, Mr Brian Wrigley


Miss Heather Bellamy

In attendance

Mr Robert Dufton, Miss Emma Packham, Mrs Claire Rundström, Mr Christy McMorrow, Mr Miles Stevenson, Professor Shearer West


Professor Claire McGourlay, Miss Sikose Mjali, Dr Kathryn Riddle

1. Introduction

The Chair welcomed members to the meeting, including the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West. The Chair expressed that as the Board had now been in existence for over a year this meeting would be an opportunity for open discussion and ideas (on matters such as the convocation fund) and for delegating working groups to follow up certain items.

2. Minutes and matters arising

The minutes were approved as a correct record of the last meeting. No matters arising.

3. Introduction by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, gave a presentation on the University’s links with China. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted the importance of the University’s Chinese student and alumni community and spoke about the positive impact of the relationship.

4. Distinguished Alumni Award nominations

The Board received a paper and nominations for The Professor Bob Boucher Distinguished Alumni Award and reviewed the nominations. Miles Stevenson clarified the terms of the award and asked the Board to select two out of four nominees to receive an award in 2016.

5. The Convocation Fund

The Board received copies of the Convocation Resolution and accounts. The Board discussed the future of The Convocation Fund, including the establishment of a working group of trustees.

6. University ‘Charter Day’

The Board received a paper summarising the planned pilot for a programme of international alumni events surrounding ‘Charter Day’. The Board also discussed the establishment of an annual opportunity for alumni to discover what’s happening at their University, including considerations for its organisation.

It was agreed: that DARE would report to the Board on the pilot of the international ‘Charter Day’ events at the next meeting and would review the activities.

7. Learning and Teaching Strategy

Emma Packham presented a short paper on the University’s new Learning and Teaching Strategy. After a brief discussion in small groups on how alumni could support the curriculum, Emma informed Alumni Board members how they could input their ideas into the plans. Alumni can submit their suggestions through an online consultation, the deadline for which is Friday 19 February.

8. Alumni events past and future

The Board received a paper detailing past and future events.

9. AOB / Future Agenda Items

Alumni access to University libraries - Claire Rundström informed the Board that alumni can now register for a library card which gives them access to the Information Commons and the Diamond.

Alumni portal - Claire Rundström gave a verbal update and agreed to keep the Board informed on the progress of the project and how they can input their ideas through an online consultation.

Future agenda items:

  • International Alumni Ambassadors
  • University ‘Charter Day’
  • Anne Horn, Library Services
  • Embedding alumni relations into the University
  • Alumni fundraising

11. Date of next meetings

27 June 2016, AMRC, Sheffield

4 November 2016, SiTRAN, Sheffield