Alumni Board Meeting Minutes

7 March 2019


Mr Richard Mayson, Chair

Mark Ansell, Susan Belcher, Claire Brownlie, Jenny Crook, Chris Furness, Alison Gardner, Guilherme Guimarães, Keith Layden, Sir Peter Middleton, Trevor Richards, Abdi-Aziz Suleiman, Sally Weston


Ms Laura Gribben

In attendance

Professor Koen Lamberts, Claire Rundström, Lizzie Ruse, Miles Stevenson


Susanna Chiu, Richard Hudson, Alison Hope (Deputy Chair), Alice Lord, Martin McKervey, Katherine Riddle, Tom Slatter, Katherine Whitton

  1. Introduction, minutes and matters arising

The Chair welcomed members, who each gave a brief introduction of themselves. The minutes were approved as a correct record of the last meeting.

  1. University Update

Professor Lamberts provided the Board with an update on key developments at the University.

  1. Convocation Fund

The Board discussed how the fund would be spent going forward.

  1. Scanner Fundraising Update and Future Campaigns

Miles Stevenson gave a presentation on the success of the Scanner Campaign and future fundraising plans for a new campaign. A campaign steering group chaired by VC Professor Lamberts had been established with other senior members of University staff.

  1. Distinguished Alumni Nominations

The Board members present had received the nominations prior to the meeting. A vote was held and voting forms were submitted to Miles Stevenson. The successful nominees would all be invited to accept the award.

  1. Alumni Volunteer Report

Lizzie Ruse gave a presentation on how the Alumni Volunteer Programme was supporting key strategic University priorities and would continue to do so. Ms Ruse included statistical information to show the impact and value of alumni volunteering.

  1. Alumni Survey

Claire Rundström informed the Board that a new survey would be sent out to all alumni via email by the end of the year. She gave an outline of the type of questions that would be included in the survey and asked for any suggestions for additional questions. The survey would help guide DARE activities and programmes offered to alumni. The Board would be asked to be involved in a pilot of the survey.

  1. International Activities Update

Miles Stevenson gave an update on the Shanghai Alumni Group, members of which had recently met the VC during his visit to China. The group was established in 2018 and 350 alumni had attended the launch event.

The newly appointed International Alumni Relations Manager, Charlotte Cremers, would start in DARE in mid-March and would work closely with Global Engagement. Mrs Rundström would be the point of contact for the US in collaboration with the International Alumni Relations Manager.

  1. Events Update

An update of recent and up-coming events was given. There had been lots of volunteer activity planned, which included the Social Sciences City Connections event the following week, plus public lectures and the House of Lords evening. Reunions were in preparation for May in the UK and US.

The Big Walk was confirmed for 28 June 2019. Board members would be encouraged to take part.

  1. AoB and Future Agenda Items

The Board members discussed possible items for the next and future meetings. The next meeting would be on Thursday 27 June 2019, on campus.