The Big Walk 2019 FAQ

The Big Walk - Friday 28 June 2019

This year you decide - run or walk 23 or 37 miles to raise money for Sheffield Scholarships

The Cause - The Big Walk 2019

Itinerary - The Big Walk 2019

Sign up - The Big Walk 2019

My query is about signing up:

How do we sign up as a team?

Regardless of team or individual, all walkers must sign up individually using our Google Form. Within that you can indicate if you will be walking as part of a team but all members must sign up individually.

Can my partner/friend sign up to the walk if they aren’t from the University?

Yes. The walk is open to anyone, so we’d love for your partner/friend to join you on the walk.

Can I sign up if I am not a member of staff, student or alumnus (former student)?

Yes. As above, anyone can take part in the walk regardless of their association with the University.

I haven’t received a confirmation email

We aim to get a confirmation email out to all walkers within 5 working days. If you have an urgent query please contact Maddie Sinclair, Community Fundraising Manager at or 0114 215 7056.

Do I have to pay first or sign up first?

Please do both as closely as possible together. If our Google Form is still open and the entry fee is still in stock on the website, then we will still have spaces so please do both ASAP to confirm your place on the walk. Your place will be guaranteed on receipt of your confirmation email.

My question is about payment

Can I pay for someone else’s place?

Yes, that is not a problem. Please email the Community Fundraising team at and let us know whose place you have paid for as this won’t show up on our systems. Otherwise we will chase up the person you have so kindly paid for further down the line for payment.

Do I have to pay or sign up first?

Please do both as closely as possible together. If our Google Form is still open and the entry fee is still in stock on the website, then we will still have spaces so please do both ASAP to guarantee your place on the walk.

I haven’t received confirmation of my payment

You should receive an email from the Online Store confirming that you have paid for the walk automatically after you have paid. If you have not received this email within 2 hours of payment please get in touch with the Community Fundraising team at and we will be able to check if it has gone through on our system.

I can’t take part in the walk anymore. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to issue any refunds for entry into the Big Walk. As stated on our entry fee webpage, the entry fee is non-refundable and funds in our account at the end of July 2019 will be used to support Student Scholarships. If you know of someone who could take your place, let us know at and ask the person to sign up as usual. We will know you have made the payment and won’t chase them.

What does my entry fee include? Your fee will cover some really important aspects of the Big Walk. This includes but is not limited to: first aid support, your Big Walk t-shirt, hire for venues to use as marshal points and all our publicity materials.

My question is about the day - General

What if I can’t complete the route?

We hope that all of our participants will aim to complete their chosen route. On the day if you become injured or unable to continue the walk, our marshals will be able to take care of you and if appropriate organise transport to take you back to the University.

Can I bring dogs? Unfortunately we are not able to allow dogs on this year's route.
I have signed up to walk/run but now I would like to run/walk. Is that okay? You can walk or run your chosen route, but please do try and let us know by Friday 14th June latest. We do get individuals who do a combination and this tends to be walking up the hills and running everything else.
What should I bring? A list of things to bring can be found in our Big Walk Guidance Document. We will be sending round a list of things to bring as well closer to the date.
Will there be points to refill my water on the route? Please start the walk with 2 litres of water and have the capacity to carry 2 litres with you along the route in a refillable water bottle. All of our marshal points will have water for you to refill your bottles.
Will there be snacks and food offered on the route? We will be providing energy snacks along the way such as crisps and flapjacks, but please do bring your own snacks as hunger may strike at a point between marshal stops! There will be some opportunities to purchase snacks, e.g. at local shops/cafés, and we will try to indicate these on a map/route card. We will also be providing something larger, e.g. a pasta pot/sandwich at roughly halfway through your designated route. We will be providing a vegetarian BBQ meal at the end point of the walk as well.
What should I wear on the day? In our Big Walk Guidance Document we have outlined suggestions for what to wear. Essentially it’s something comfortable, breathable and prepare for all weather. You will be getting a Big Walk t-shirt, which will be a sweat-wicking sports material, so bear that in mind when planning what to wear.
Where will there be toilets on the route? There will be toilets at the start line, mid-way point for both routes and end point. We are currently compiling together a list of other toilets along the way and will make sure you know in good time. Please be aware that there will be a section of roughly 11 miles with no access to public toilets for both routes.
Can we drop off a bag along the route? Unfortunately we will not be offering a service for picking up bags this year.
Will there be any cows along the route? One of our marshal points will be at Our Cow Molly, where there will be friendly and well contained cows. We cannot guarantee for other points on the route where there will be cows. Please make sure you read through this advice from for what to do when encountering cows to ensure that you are fully prepared.

My question is about the 23 mile route

What are the arrangements for transport to the start line?

We will be organising transport, most likely in the form of coaches from the University of Sheffield (Octagon centre on Western Bank). Please arrive at the Octagon Centre for 07:00 as these will be leaving the University at 07:30, to arrive in Bamford at 08:00. Any changes to this will be relayed here, in emails to walkers and on our Google Group.

I originally said I don’t want transport but now my plans have changed. Can I still get the organised transport?

Where possible please do try and let us know at least two weeks in advance of the walk. However, we do understand that things may change at short notice, so if circumstances change at last minute we will try and accommodate you. Please note if your plans change and you no longer need transport, you must let us know so that we have an accurate figure for transport.
Can I make my own way to the start line?

You are more than welcome to make your own way to the start line in Bamford. Please make your way there for 08:00 to be registered. The walk will start in the car park of Educational Planning Books Bamford, S33 0EB. If you would like to make your way by train, there is a train leaving Sheffield at 07:12, arriving in Bamford at 07:36.

What is the total route elevation? TBC. In the meantime please take a look at our online map for a rough estimation - the 23 mile route starts at roughly mile 14.

My question is about the 37 mile route

Can I swap to the 23 mile route?

In the lead up to the walk you can swap from 37 to 23 miles, but please try and let us know at least two weeks in advance of the walk by emailing

What is the total route elevation? In total it is 1200m or 3937 feet. However, this is made up of different climbs, the highest of which is between 120-140m or 400-450ft.

My question is about training

Are there any training walks set up?

We have not organised any training walks officially. However, many walkers decide to organise these between themselves using our Google Group, so do take a look on there if you’re interested in training walks. The internet is your friend here in finding many trusted routes for training - please do share any good ones you find on the Google Group!

Can I set up training walks?

You most certainly can. If you’d like to do so please use the Google Group, that way all our walkers can see and choose to get involved.

Where can I see the written instructions for the route?

We are currently tweaking our written notes to make sure they are as clear as possible so no-one gets lost on any training routes. We will update on here, through email and on the Google Group when they are available. In the meantime, we do have the online map of the route available. Watch this space!

My question is about fundraising

What if I don’t raise the minimum total?

We encourage you to put in as much effort as you can to fundraise, our fundraising guide contains more information about how to do so. If you have put efforts into raising offline/online and don’t raise the full £150 then that is not a problem, we would just like you to try and raise as much as you can.

I want to run an event for my fundraising - how do I go about this?

That’s great. Take a look at our fundraising guide for ideas if you’re stuck. If you’d like any posters for your event then let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help. Do try and let us know as far in advance as possible. We can also give you a fundraising tin/bucket, just drop us an email at to organise this.

How can I pay in offline fundraising (cash or cheques)?

You can either pay this in using our online payments page or by coming directly to our office on Victoria Street (behind Orient Express on West Street). Please refrain from paying this in yourself on Just Giving as these will be subject to fees and we will not receive the whole donation. When you have paid in offline donations follow steps 2-4 on this page to add the amount you have raised offline to your overall total on Just Giving.

I’m not running an event but I’d still like a bucket/tin for my fundraising. Can I do this?

Yes you certainly can! Just drop us an email at to organise this. Please try and do this 1-2 weeks in advance so we can personalise your fundraising materials.

I’m in a team - how much do we need to raise?

Please multiply £150 (£100 for students) by the number of people in your team to get a fundraising target, e.g. £900 for a team of 6, £1500 for a team of 10 etc.

Can I fundraise through Facebook’s fundraising platform?

Unfortunately we don’t offer that at the moment, but do share your Just Giving page on Facebook with a link through for ease of donating. Also, we will put on the Google Group when the University’s Facebook account posts about the Big Walk, so that you can share those posts too.

Can I get gift aid from offline donations?

Yes - this can happen in two ways. Where possible you can use the sponsorship form available in our fundraising guide so that we get Gift Aid details for your eligible donors. Please make sure to include the full address for both you (the fundraiser) and your eligible donors. Alternatively, we have a “Gift aid small donations scheme” whereby up to £8,000 of donations are eligible for gift aid as collected from buckets, tins etc. throughout the year. However, if we have a superb year in offline fundraising we can’t guarantee that all offline fundraising will be eligible for gift aid.

How do I get a Just Giving text code?

Unfortunately the Just Giving Text service is no longer available. Instead we would recommend you point people in the direction of your page, which can be accessed on mobiles and portable devices.

My question is about Volunteering

How can I volunteer for the Big Walk?

First of all thank you. We will shortly be sending round a registration form for volunteers to sign up and specify preferences for roles, locations, timings etc. If you’d like to be a keen bean beforehand please email for more information.

Can I choose my role?

When we send round the registration form there will be an option for you to specify your preferences for a role, and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you require a certain role for personal reasons, e.g. mobility then please do let us know to give you priority for that role.

Can I specify what times I volunteer?

When we send round the registration form there will be an option for you to specify your preferences for timings, and we will do our best to accommodate you. There will be an option to rank timings as well as specifying what timings you can and can’t do due to other commitments. If you are a University employee, you should expect to do an equivalent volunteering shift.

My question isn't listed above

I can’t make the Big Walk but I’d still like to fundraise and do an event

That’s great. Please email the Community Fundraising team at if you’d like more ideas or to let us know your plans so that we can support you, provide you with a fundraising tin/bucket and promote your event!

If I work at the University do I need to take annual leave for the Big Walk?

The University has agreed to offer staff the opportunity to take part by walking of volunteering without using annual leave on Friday 28 June. Before you can accept a place offered, the terms of your leave MUST be agreed with your line manager and, if need be, in consultation with your departmental HR advisor.

My question still isn’t listed!

If you have already signed up to the walk and have questions, please look at this year’s Big Walk Google Group first to see if your question has already been asked by another walker. Please email and we will do our best to help you with your question.

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