The Alumni Fund: Creating opportunities for the next generation

"Your donations fuel the University, making it more than just a place of learning - a massive and amazing part of every student's life. They take this university from a sketch to an oil painting; still a beautiful artwork, but with greater depth and personality, and certainly more appealing to experience."

The Alumni Fund provides an opportunity for you to make a significant difference to the lives of our students. 

Whatever you remember most about your time at university, you will understand that a university education can be one of the most transforming opportunities of your life.

At university you can share and explore new ideas, develop new and existing interests, talents and skills, as well as form deep and lasting friendships.

An increasing number of students, however, are finding it more and more difficult and to benefit from these life-changing experiences without some form of extra financial support. Please watch the video below or click here to hear more from some of our students.

As a member of our University community, you will already know what great opportunities a University of Sheffield education has to offer.

Donations to the Alumni Fund make an immediate impact on the lives of current and future generations of Sheffield students.

Please donate today. Every gift leads to an exciting outcome. Whatever amount you choose to donate, all donations have a transformational impact when added together.

Please use the links below to find out more about the Alumni Fund and what the generosity of the Sheffield community has helped us to achieve.