Alumni Fund - Scholarship Profiles

Hear from just a selection of our scholarship recipients, who explain what a difference your support makes to their studies and university experience by clicking on the profiles below:

Albany Miele Small

Albany Miele - Alumni Fund Bursary Postgraduate

Although I grew up in Somerset, Sheffield now feels like home. When I visited the University on an open day, I got a really nice feeling about the place and knew it was where I would like to study for at least the next three years (as an undergraduate student). Looking through the prospectus, the Biomedical Science course sounded like exactly what I wanted to do. I really loved the undergraduate course, so much so that I am still in Sheffield now carrying on into postgraduate studies.

Samantha Johnston - Alumni Fund Bursary Postgraduate

I am a current MSc student at the Department of Psychology, studying towards a Masters in Psychological Research Methods. I originally came to the university to study a BSc in Psychology, and decided to stay on for postgraduate study. So far I have completed modules on current issues surrounding psychological research, different research methods used, multivariate statistics, and a systematic review.

Sloane Smith

Sloane Smith - USA Study Abroad Scholarship

I chose Sheffield because it was too good to pass up. I wanted my year abroad to be the experience of a lifetime, and it seemed like coming to Sheffield, voted number one in student experience, would be the place to be. I wanted a chance not just to be a student, but to really feel like a part of the community of the University of Sheffield…

Anna Connor

Anna Connor - USA Study Abroad Scholarship

I chose to come to Sheffield for my studies for two reasons. The first was that my school had an exchange with the University of Sheffield, making the application and everything much easier. The second reason is the History Department. As a serious History student, I couldn't pass up the chance to study at a University whose department is staffed with so many currently relevant scholars and academics. It's an honour to be here…

Garrett Thompson

Garrett Charles Thompson - USA Study Abroad Scholarship

I really wanted to study in England and the University of Texas only had a few relationships with other universities here with programs for International Relations majors and the University of Sheffield was one of them…

Rachel Brock

Rachel Brock - Study Abroad Scholarship

I chose the University of Sheffield after hearing about it from a friend who did her study abroad here. I had already looked into Sheffield for its Mathematics programme, and after she told me all about the beauty of the Peak District, how amazing the University was, and how much fun all of the people here were - I couldn’t resist!

Jade Tosney Small

Jade Tosney - Alumni Fund Scholarship

When I filled out the application, I wasn't confident I'd get the response I was hoping for. I thought to myself - I'm pretty unremarkable, there will be plenty of others studying Law and Criminology who are smarter or more interesting than me. But then the letter came, and I had been successful and would receive a scholarship. I couldn't believe it…

Rebecca Payne Small

Rebecca Payne - Alumni Fund Scholarship

Coming to Sheffield was a big decision for me. Originally, I had wanted to stay close to home in Coventry but when I came to Sheffield for the open day, I knew it was the university for me. My course allows me a lot of flexibility in my modules and the staff have all been incredibly friendly and helpful…

Megan Myer Small

Megan Myer - Alumni Fund Scholarship

I am a second year English Literature student and studying at the University of Sheffield has enriched my life beyond compare providing me with new friends, life skills and developing my passion in an incredible city. This level of excellence and availability of options would not be possible without the donations that the Alumni have provided...

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