The Dr Mo Sacoor MRCP Scholarship Programme

Dr Mo Sacoor scholarsThe Dr Mo Sacoor Scholarship Programme has been established by Dr Mo Sacoor with one aim - to enable talented individuals at The University of Sheffield to make the very most of their education through the provision of bursaries and scholarships.

The programme funds six schemes:

  • Medical Scholarships
  • Presentations of Medical Research
  • Medical Elective Scholarships
  • Music performance Scholarship
  • Music Scholarships
  • Hardship Scholarships

Since 2013, the scholarship programme has supported 215 students...

Mo Sacoor Scholarship totals

...And we're hoping to help many more over the coming years.

Mo Sacoor totaliser

About Dr Mo Sacoor

Dr Mo Sacoor was born in Mozambique. He came to Sheffield to study Medicine and graduated with an MB ChB in Medicine in 1963. He also holds a Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) Diploma.

Mo has gone on to establish a number of successful businesses in the Heathcare Industry, and in the Digital/Social Media spaces, including Media Marketing Studies, ID Medical Group (an award winning, multi-discipline healthcare recruiter) and Pharmaphorum Media (a digital podium for communicating thought leadership and promoting innovation in the healthcare industry).

In May 2013, Mo established the Dr Mo Sacoor MRCP Scholarship Programme, which supports students at the University of Sheffield through a wide range of scholarships and bursaries, and celebrates his passion for medicine, music and philanthropy.

So what makes Mo tick? – “My great desire is to make a difference to the lives of identifiable, individual undergraduates who are at the beginning of their journey, (the toughest phase), often at great sacrifice on their part and on the part of their families, and who strive day in and day out to make ends meet (often lacking that last little bit of income, which makes the difference).

“My passion is to make a difference that is clearly evident at the level of each individual student awarded one of my Scholarships, and to meet with them and to hear, first-hand, about exactly how it changed their lives!

“My ultimate aim is to grow the community of the Dr Mo Sacoor Scholars to my target of at least 1,000, who will be inspired by example, to make a difference to the lives of new generations of undergraduates, much as they were assisted when they most needed it, in their own formative years.”

Mo Sacoor and Miles Stevenson

Making a difference

In May 2013, Dr Mo Sacoor made a significant donation to support scholarships in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health and assist students on their medical electives. His incredible commitment and generosity did not end there and his support has grown to encompass six different scholarship funds for students studying medicine and music and other students who experience hardship across the University.

Every time I have met Mo I have been moved by his desire to support others and his passion and pride in our University which is one of the best in the world. Reading this report and the many words of thanks and motivation from the talented young people the programme has supported, I am even more convinced of the power that philanthropy can have in transforming individuals, institutions, and society as a whole.

The University of Sheffield is incredibly grateful to Mo for his support. It provides great inspiration not only to the many students who will benefit from these awards, but also to other alumni and friends who may be considering making their own gift to the University or another cause close to their heart. On behalf of the students, my colleagues across the University and our Vice-Chancellor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mo, most sincerely, for his continued support - it really does make a difference.

Miles Stevenson
Director of Advancement