Peter Blundell Jones Memorial Fund

In celebration of a world renowned architect and much loved academic, donations to the Peter Blundell Jones Memorial Fund will give Sheffield students, who need financial support, the opportunity to travel abroad and enhance their studies by experiencing architecture and different cultures first hand.

Professor Peter Blundell Jones was a lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture from 1994 until he sadly died in August 2016.

As well as having a remarkable international reputation as one of the finest and most widely respected architectural historians of his generation, Peter was also a talented teacher.

In Peter’s memory, we have established a fund which will provide bursaries for students to travel abroad and gain greater understanding of architecture which is so important in this field. For students who need additional financial support, the cost of travelling abroad often makes such an enriching experience unfeasible.

Your gift will open up the world to them and truly enhance their studies and future prospects.

Peter Blundell Jones

How to donate

Donate online to the Peter Blundell Jones Memorial Fund

Under 'Fund' please select 'Other' and write 'Peter Blundell Jones' in the note box.

Alternatively, please complete and return the downloadable donation form or phone the donations team on 0114 222 5598.

Thank you so much for your support - it will make a real difference to Sheffield architecture students and will provide a lasting legacy for Peter.

About the Memorial Fund

As a young man, Peter’s travels in Europe brought him into contact with the buildings that inspired his life’s work as an architectural historian, critic, and teacher. Something that Peter felt strongly about was understanding buildings in their context. There could then be no more fitting use for a bursary in his name than to give a similar opportunity to students who would not otherwise be able to travel. That’s why we have decided to honour his memory by setting up the Peter Blundell Jones Memorial Fund.

Your gift will help students from poor backgrounds to travel abroad, when they might never be able to otherwise. It’s impossible to overstate the impact this could have. It could lay the foundation for a life-long enthusiasm or even inspire a life’s work as it did with Peter.

Peter influenced me so much – I would say, my whole life – there is an old saying in traditional China – ‘one-day teacher, whole life father’. Peter was such a person to me. He was also ‘the father of the house’ of the School of Architecture, and I believe the flame will go on, for so many generations of younger students, scholars and practitioners not only in Sheffield, but also all over the world.

xiang ren, phd student

Your gift will help keep Peter’s memory alive – thank you so much.

If you would like to read more about Peter's life and work, please visit our memorial webpage.

Peter in China