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Richard Pover was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November 2011, during the third year of a four year MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Despite extensive treatment with different regimes of chemotherapy and three major operations, doctors were unable to save him and he died in June 2013, 2 weeks before his 22nd birthday and tragically on the day he would have left university had he been able to complete his degree.

PoverRichard loved Sheffield, his course, the university and his friends. For this reason, he kept his treatment in Sheffield, where his friends and university life undoubtedly helped him to maintain his astonishingly positive outlook and determination to carry on as normal.

Richard was a conscientious and enthusiastic student, who could often be found helping his peers with their work. He was a ‘born engineer’ (as shown by the time he spent creating Lego models as a child!) and would surely have gone on to a successful career in the field. The University awarded Richard a first class degree posthumously in a private ceremony, which is what his family said Richard would have wanted.

Since 2015 the family have worked tirelessly to create a lasting memorial to Richard, while helping others. They have held a variety of fundraising events, undertaken challenges and inspired others to fundraise on their behalf. Having originally set themselves the target of awarding a prize for an outstanding Engineering student, they have been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who has donated to their cause, and have already raised the fantastic amount of over £50,000.

This has enabled the University to create an endowment to award a scholarship and prize to students who study mechanical engineering.

The annual income from the Richard Pover Endowment will be used support three specific areas that will benefit students from the University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Richard Pover Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to one high acheiving A-level student and will support them with a payment of £1,200 per year to cover the period of their study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Scholarships are an increasingly important factor in the application process with students making decisions about where to study based upon the levels of financial support made available to them by their short-listed institutions. This approach will encourage applications from the most talented students from lower and middle income backgrounds who might otherwise have ruled out attending university for financial reasons.

Richard Pover Outstanding Contribution Prize

The annual prize will be given to one or more students who have excelled in their non-academic contribution to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. On application to the departmental committee the candidates must demonstrate a significant impact inside the department outside of their studies. Students that benefit will have typically been involved with student led learning activities and can demonstrate a significant impact on those activities. Students may also have been involved on open days and acted as learning and teaching ambassadors for the department.

Richard Pover Year In Industry Prize

This is awarded to a graduating student who spends a year working in industry. The prize is awarded by a departmental committee who look closely at the students formal write-up and presentation following their time working as part of their degree course. Many students who excel in their year in industry become “high fliers” and succeed in their Engineering career.

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Richard PoverRichard Pover