The Big Walk 2015 Blog

The Big Walk 2015

The University has 20 alumni, staff and friends taking part in a special fundraising walk covering 286 miles in 15 days.

For 14 days the team will cover the full Pennine Way walk. This national trail is celebrating its 50th anniversary year and is described as the one of the most spectacular and well loved trails in the UK. On the final day the team will walk from Edale to Sheffield.

The walk will take place between Wed 2 and Thur 17 Sept 2015 (Wed 2 Sept will be a travelling day).

We are doing this to raise funds for Lung Disease research here at the University of Sheffield, specifically our leading research in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). PAH is a devastating condition in which the blood pressure within the lungs is much higher than normal, putting an enormous strain on the heart. There is currently no cure for PAH but at Sheffield we are already making exciting discoveries that we hope will lead to better treatments and ultimately defeat this condition. The funds we raise from this event will help to accelerate our research into the development of much needed new treatments and make a real difference to lives of patients with PAH.

The blog posts below will give you some flavour of the people doing the walk and the reasons why we are doing it. We want to raise awareness and we want to raise money for research into Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. If you would like to donate, please visit Thank you!

Keep up to date with the team's progress in the blog below: