The Big Walk 2015

The Big Walk - One Day Challenge

Thursday 17 September 2015  - Edale to the University Concourse 

The one day challenge game people from across the University the opportunity to take part in a one-off special fundraising event with other staff, students and alumni. This event offered a true walking and fundraising challenge.

Event - One Day Challenge route

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Big Walk please contact David Meadows

Helen Abbott
Kerry Abrams
Lucy Arnold
Nadine Arnold
Jon Ashford-Smith
Sara Banning
Thomas Bartlett
Barbara Bassa
Jo Bates
Debbie Beaumont-Thomas
Heather Bellamy
Rhiannon Birch
Jamie Booth
Sarah Bows
Corina Bradbury
Susan Bridgeford
Kate Buckwell
Jodie Burnham
Gary Butterfield
Helen Casbolt
Andrea Chambers
Dawn Charnock
Kevin Corke
Valerie Cotter
George Credland
Sue Cresswell
Ann Davis
Sue Davison

Helen Dickinson
Rachel Dodd
Andrew Dodman
Robert Dufton
Jenny Dunn
Rachael Elder
Joanne Elson
Gill Eyre
Tim Fletcher
Andrew Furley
Laura Giles
Martin Grimes
Jemma Gurr
Martin Guy
Elizabeth Hall
Sarah Hamilton
Ian Hammond
Rhiannon Hammond-Jones
Gillian Hardy
Siobhan Harpham
Verity Herbert
Wendy Hobson
Lynette Hodges
Matthew Holley
John Holliday
Hairong Huang
Linda Hudson
Julie Hurst
James Iremonger
Andrew Isaac
Sarah Jackson
Michael Jackson

Matt Jones
Hilary Jones
David Jordan
Platon Kapranos
Nick Kennard
Tracy Kent
David Kiely
Dawn King
Andrea King
Karen Kitchen
Sarah Langridge
Ian Loasby
Fiona Maisey
Arshad Majid
Jo Marriott
Jo Marsden
Fran Marshall
Ursula McGuone
Carol McNaughton
Deanna Meth
Jennifer Miller
Pete Monk
Greg Oldfield
Helen Oliver
Laura Oliver
Emma Packham
Anne Peat
Sofia Perez
Stacey Perkin
Stacey Perkin
George Perkins
Juliet Pickard
Phillip Pickstock
Julie Reynolds
Helen Rodger
Gill Rooney
Karl Rotchell
Alex Rothman
Minna Shkul
Jason Slade
Sue Smith
Rebecca Spencer
Paul Staniforth
Miles Stevenson
Olivia Stocker
Juliet Storey
Nicola Strafford
Lynn Sykes
Thomas Templeman
Chris Turgoose
Liam Walker
Laura West
Paul White
Helen Williams
Steve Winder
India Woof
Clare Wright
Mengdi Wu

The One Day Challenge route

The Big Walk One Day Challenge 2015

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