Why support Sheffield

Donations to the University of Sheffield are transformational. You can help invest in world-class research, provide first class teaching and learning facilities, and ensure that the brightest students, regardless of background or financial ability, are able to achieve their full potential and take advantage of the range of experiences a university education has to offer.

Whatever you care about, the chances are that your University cares about it too, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to support the areas most important to you.

As a member of our community, you will already know what great opportunities a Sheffield education offers. Every gift to the University makes an immediate and significant impact on the lives of our students and on the world around us.

Increasing numbers of students are finding it more and more difficult to stay in higher education, effectively blocking their access to a range of senior professions such as law, medicine, engineering or research. Your donations allow these students to continue or re-enter education, helping them to reach their own potential but also increasing the diversity of people in these roles across society.

Beyond this your donations enhance and support the spirit and life of the University through its clubs and societies. University is more than academic learning, and your support allows the clubs here to thrive, welcoming new members and helping existing ones to develop even further.

Your donations can also help our researchers to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our society, through our world-leading medical and climate change research.

Your gifts help current students through projects such as:

  • Awarding scholarships to talented and promising students who otherwise would not have the financial resources to continue their education
  • Providing Alumni Foundation grants to student clubs and societies for sport, drama, music, welfare and community projects. As you may remember, the huge range and quality of extra-curricular activities is one of the things that makes Sheffield so special
  • Enhancing academic and student facilities across campus
  • Supporting other areas of greatest need around the University, such as the Disability and Dyslexia support service

We have received over 20,000 donations from alumni and friends since our office began in 2002, raising around £3 million. Such generosity has helped a new generation of bright students to access a Sheffield education, and a whole range of life skills and opportunities that they would otherwise have been denied.

Donations from supporters have made countless projects possible all across the University. You can read more about projects funded over the past year in our annual donor magazine ‘Your Gift’, or in the following news articles:

A history built on philanthropy

More than 100 years ago, the local people of Sheffield – captains of industry and factory workers alike – understood the tremendous impact that a University for Sheffield would have on improving their children’s lives through education; on regional and international trade; and on society’s health, wellbeing and future prosperity. So strongly did they believe in higher education as a force for good, that they raised £50,000 in penny collections (around £15 million today) to build a university in their city.

Their donations, both large and small, made an incredible difference. So can yours.

Thanks to our founders’ incredible philanthropic support, our University is now an internationally-renowned seat of learning of which our students, staff, alumni, and the city, can be justifiably proud. And in order to continue making a difference to our students and to society, we need the support of alumni and friends like you.