Class of 1964 Medics Reunion - Friday 12 and Saturday 13 September

On Saturday the 13th September, nineteen alumni from the class of 1964 and their partners met in Sheffield to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Dr Alan Byron organised the event and provided the write-up below.

Medics reunion class of 1964On Friday night, the weekend began. The venue Halifax Hall Hotel was very congenial and the staff were professional, welcoming and well organised. At the dinner extra places had to found with no demur or hesitation. The evening went very well for the 19 members and their spouses. We had two from Canada, one from USA and one from Australia, the rest motored from parts of the UK - including the non-devolved Scotland and also Wales. There were informal speeches, with strolls down memory lane and a note from each person on their subsequent careers. We had two Professors Dr Arthur Knight in Dermatology and Dr Brian Colquhoun in surgery, seven consultants and eight GPs.

One of us, Dr Lewis Dann, had won over twenty Gold Cups and medals for International sailing events and for Medics Reunion class of 1964many years was the Coach for the Olympic Sailing team. We had an 'In memoriam ' moment for those who had passed away - some eleven of us out of a class of 49. Two peers from our class had wanted to come but were too ill and we passed around a card for them for us to send messages which I posted off after the event. It was a joyous and jolly occasion.

The next day on the Saturday about twelve of us met at the Royal Hallamshire's excellent Dining Room for lunch and then we enjoyed a tour of the Medical School by Dr Jim Burton who is a sophisticated cognoscente of the Medical School and its history. This proved a fascinating insight into the various famous Illuminati of the Medical School and their careers. In the evening eight of us went to the Annual Alumni Reunion BBQ and were suitably impressed by the modern 'Night Club' facilities of Bar One.

I have had a torrent of follow up mails praising the organisation and the excellent time everybody had had. Several stayed on at the Halifax Hotel and spent time visiting old haunts.