Natural Environmental Science/NES with Landscape Studies 40 Year ReunionNES 40 Year Reunion

On 4th September 2016, a reunion event for a group of alumni celebrating 40 years since graduating, took place the York pub in Sheffield. The alumni attending all studied either Natural Environmental Science (NES), or NES with Landscape Studies.

Alumna and organiser Fiona Moore (1976, BSc Natural Environmental Science) tells us about their reunion:

“In total we had tracked 21 of the 22 NES alumni and 8 of the NESLS, which, on reflection, after 40 years was some feat.

The 'feel good' factor on the Sunday morning was sky high. The buzz of conversations and the hilarity as we scrolled through about 250 scanned images from 1973 to 1976 was amazing - it was like the 40 intervening years just melted away.

Being the first year of the course and having so many field trips helped us bond at the time and that was certainly reflected in the warmth of the reunions and the ease with which we all 'picked up where we left off'.

The group photo above includes 16 of the 17 who made it to the event (including one surprise addition on the Sunday and another who appeared on the formal dinner list and we tracked down at the evening disco!).

Thank you to the Alumni Relations Team for all your help and support over the months beforehand, it really was such a happy and memorable weekend”.

NES 40 Year Reunion

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