29 October 2009

Eddie Izzard returns to where it all started!

Photo: Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard returned to perform a special one off late night show at the University of Sheffield’s Drama Studio. Playing to a sold out studio of over 200, Eddie performed many of his repertoire of jokes from his current hit arena tour, ‘Stripped’ while teasing the audience with a sprinkling of new jokes.

Eddie started his career as a comedian and performer at the University Drama Studio 30 years ago and he began the evening by stating this was actually the first time the Drama Studio had sold out for one of his shows. As a student, Eddie was always used to performing after the productions in the studio. He kept this tradition by kicking the show off just after 11 and continuing until 1am.

It was a truly memorable evening and one to savour for the lucky few who had tickets.