22 December 2009

Scholarship donations hit the £1 million mark

Generous alumni, staff and friends of the University of Sheffield have dug deep into their purses and raised a milestone £1million for scholarships and awards, helping over 300 students in the past seven years.

Since the Development and Alumni Relations Office was set up seven years ago, donations to the Alumni Fund have offered an important helping hand to students in the form of Alumni scholarships worth an average £3,000 each. These have been created for talented students who need extra financial support to study at Sheffield.

During this time just over £600,000 has been directly given out and endowed funds worth £430,000 have created four specific annual scholarships. These are the Ray Charlesworth Scholarship for chemistry students, the Margaret Hadley Scholarship for French students, the Sir S Y Chung Scholarships for Hong Kong students and the Lord Dainton Scholarships.

The work of the Development and Alumni Relations Office ensures that the next generation of students, no matter what their background, are able to benefit from all that a Sheffield education has to offer - first-class study facilities, opportunities to develop their extra-curricular skills, and scholarships, for those who need that extra bit of help to fulfil their potential.

Sarah Nixon, an undergraduate English Literature student who received a scholarship said: “This grant has completely altered my state of mind. I am able to be as active a member of the University as I was of my School. Practically, I can purchase secondary reading, take part in the drama community within the University, and attend careers talks. The impact it has on my day to day finances leaves me feeling more relaxed and so more capable of committing myself to the extracurricular community.”

Another scholarship recipient, Alexander Nmai, an undergraduate Management student added: “Receiving the scholarship has drastically changed my Sheffield experience. I now feel in a comfortable position with fewer worries, enabling me to take full advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. I now try to make the most of all my time spent here experiencing the vibrancy of Sheffield as a city.”

Miles Stevenson, Director of Development said: “We are extremely grateful to all supporters of the University who have been so generous in making gifts to the Alumni Fund since we began seven years ago. It is a great achievement to have raised £1 million for student scholarships, which have undoubtedly made a huge impact on the lives of those students who have received the awards.

“Without these scholarships many students may not have been able to continue their studies. Any form of donation really does make a huge difference and we look forward to awarding even more student scholarships in the future.”