Sorby Hall Reunion

Photo: Ladies at the Sorby Hall Reunion

A reunion for Sorby Hall residents from 2001-02 and 2002-03 was held on 17 June 2006. Almost 100 former residents were able to attend the party, held in the Fusion at the Students´ Union.

It was a chance to meet up with old friends and reminisce about the good times in Sorby, particularly as two months later the hall met an explosive end when it was demolished to pave way for the new student village.

Those who went to Sorby certainly know how to party. Even though Sorby has now been laid to rest, plans are underway for another Sorby Reunion in 2007 – so keep your eyes peeled for the date.

Special thanks for go out to Mark Cole, Jennifer Lucas, Pav Bansel, The Students Union Bar Staff and Security, DJ Al Kipling, The University of Sheffield Alumni, and everyone who attended and made the event a success.

God bless Sorby Hall, R.I.P.