The Alumni Foundation

The Alumni Foundation is a grant-making committee which distributes the philanthropic donations of alumni and friends to the most deserving recipients.

Does your group, club or society need help with funding? Have you got a great idea for a project?

The Alumni Foundation understands the importance of extra-curricular activities and projects. Whether it is in helping students to develop lifelong skills, connecting with the local community or enhancing the student experience - the Alumni Foundation is here to help. By channeling the donations of Sheffield alumni (former students) and friends of the University into projects, clubs and societies we help those staff and students that make the University such an innovative and exciting place to study.

The Alumni Foundation grant-making committee is made up of academic staff, Students’ Union Officers and representatives from the Alumni community. The committee meets three times over the academic year to direct gifts and donations to areas of need.

The Alumni Foundation invites applications for grants from any current department, group or individual member of the University (students or staff) for projects that directly benefit students.

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Information for Applicants

The Foundation has a policy of making a large number of small grants (usually around £100 to £2,000) to projects that add life to the University. These might be to assist sporting, musical, dramatic and cultural projects. To spread resources as widely as possible, the Foundation often requires applicants to raise part of the funds needed for their project from alternative sources.

If you are a current student or member of staff with an idea for a project, a member of a club, society or student group you may be eligible for an Alumni Foundation grant. Find out more about the application process here.

The deadlines for applications for the 2018-19 academic year are Friday 2nd November 2018, Friday 8th February 2019 and Friday 3rd May 2019.

Apply for an Alumni Foundation grant

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Past Projects

Since 2003, the Alumni Foundation has helped over 450 clubs and societies. Over the 2017-18 academic year we received over 100 applications and awarded 70 grants. Here are just a few clubs and societies that have benefited:

  • Ala Archa Expedition (Geography) £1,450.00
  • Alfred Denny Museum Bird Skull and Egg Exhibition £780.00
  • American Football £600.00
  • Artificial Intelligence Society £90.00
  • Athletics Club £400.00
  • Belly Dance Society £400.00
  • Bhangra Society £400.00
  • Brass Band £150.00
  • Cycling Club £1,080.00
  • Equestrian Club £300.00
  • Futsal Club £450.00
  • Herbarium £400.00
  • Lacrosse Club £300.00
  • Lifesaving Club £180.00
  • Men's Football £250.00
  • Mountaineering Club £500.00
  • Open Space Society £250.00
  • Scouts and Guides £400.00
  • Sheffield University Theatre Company £1,500.00
  • Sheffield World Health Organisation (WHO) Simulation (SheffWHO 2018) £500.00
  • Speleological Society £750.00
  • Stand Up and Sketch Comedy Society £350.00
  • Tamil Society £500.00
  • Trampolining Club £1,500.00
  • Uganda WC Project £500.00
  • Women's Rugby Union £400.00

Read about the groups that have been supported by the Alumni Foundation in recent and past projects.

Since its launch, a variety of projects throughout the University have benefited from the generosity of our supporters. The Alumni Foundation can only distribute as much money as it receives in donations. It is completely reliant upon the generosity of donors and we are very grateful for their support.

If you would like to support the work of the Alumni Foundation, please make a donation to the Alumni Fund.