Alumni Foundation Case Studies

International and Cultural Projects

The Japan Society presents 'Japan Day 2018'

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £250

How was the grant spent?
The majority of the funding was spent on decorations for our venue, including our Haunted House, Maid Café and Photobooth stand. The grant funding also allowed us to advertise our event more widely throughout the city and as a result we had almost 350 people in attendance; a much greater number than we had originally estimated.

What impact did the grant have?
We were able to reach out to the local community and invited a local Japanese youth choir to perform for us. Their act was very well received and many new members were recruited from the visitors. We also invited local business ‘Edo Sushi’ to provide authentic Japanese refreshments throughout the day. For many of the visitors it was the first time they had tried Japanese cuisine. ‘Pearls’, the University of Sheffield’s bubble tea company also ran a stall throughout the day.

We were pleased to showcase stage performers throughout the day from a traditional Shamisen performance to pop dance groups. The Shamisen performance was especially well received, with over 200 members in the audience. Since it is very rare to see such a performance outside of Japan we were very proud to be able to offer such an experience.

Since the event was organised and managed completely by members of the Japan Society, Japan Day provided opportunities for our society members to gain valuable skills and experiences which they can build upon in the future including professionalism, time management and organisational skills.
Also, we were able to raise awareness of our chosen charity and have raised a total of £350 which will go towards helping the continued disaster relief in the Fukishima prefecture.

We were able to make our event even more accessible thanks to the generous donations of the University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation, reaching out to the people of Sheffield and deepening community ties. We would like to sincerely thank the donors for helping to make Japan Day such a memorable and rewarding experience or everyone involved.

Hannah Storer, BA East Asian Studies

Japan Day 2018 - Performer

Bollywood Society

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2016
  • Awarded £600

How was the grant spent?
The grant was used to purchase essential costumes for the Battle of Bollywood. This is a national Bollywood dance competition, which was held at the Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith. We purchased vibrant dance costumes for 20 team members and were ‘the best colour combination of costumes in the show’ as claimed by the judges in their feedback following the performance. This is the first time Sheffield participated in the Battle of Bollywood and this grant enabled us to represent the University of Sheffield on a national level.

What impact did the grant have?
The grant not only benefited the team participating in the Battle of Bollywood. The grant has also encouraged more students participate in Bollywood Society events. By seeing the costumes and dance performances on social media, more students have shown interest in the society. We hope to expand by starting more beginner classes, so that more people can participate in competitions next year.

Kritika Singh, BA International Relations and Politics 

Malaysian Talents Team 2017

Sheffield Malaysian Cultural Night

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £300

How was the grant spent?
Since Sheffield Malaysian Cultural Night is a theatrical project organised by students of the University of Sheffield. The funds were used in purchasing items necessary to deliver the project successfully, such as props required by dancers and actors, and to receive and transport props lent by Tourism Malaysia. With the help of the funds that were granted to us, the props team appointed for the project was able to realise their ideas and materialise them in their fullest potential without having significant financial restrictions. This allowed them to produce an immersive theatrical experience through the props that they had in mind. They also had the opportunity to utilise the funds in order to purchase costumes for several key characters of the play which contributed immensely in how effectively the actors/actresses expressed their roles and the overall quality of the production.

What impact did the grant have?
The funds that were given to us definitely allowed us to deliver a memorable performance and helped us showcase Malaysia’s diverse multicultural society to the people of Sheffield and surrounding areas. We received an audience size of 302 for the performance held on the 4th Of March.
This project also allowed a large number of students to express their acting and dancing skills, as well as allowing others to have an experience of being involved in other aspects of a theatrical production, such as being part of the productions team that helped deliver the logistics and manage the project behind the stage.

On behalf of both the Globalising Malaysian Talents (GMT) and Sheffield Malaysian Cultural Night 2017/18 team, we would like to thank the donors that have made this grant possible. We believe that students studying in university are more than just people that read books, attend lectures and sit for exams. We believe students have the potential to do many great things given they are provided a platform to do so. Through the project that was made successful with the help of this grant, many students were given the opportunity to express a variety of talents and their inner capabilities which may not have been possible otherwise. We are eternally grateful for the financial support that allowed us to deliver this project successfully.

Ahmad Zarruq Bin Mohd Hanafi, MEng Civil Engineering