Hand Of arts platform and The University of Sheffield Brass Band

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2013
• Awarded £1590

Hand Of is an innovative arts platform, run by University of Sheffield students, dedicated to supporting and Hands Of Arts in a schoolenriching local communities with new contemporary and experimental art forms.

The University of Sheffield Brass Band was set up by a third year music student. It has over 40 members, all of whom are Sheffield students from a rich variety of faculties, ranging from first year to postgraduate.

The Alumni Foundation grant has enabled the University of Sheffield Brass Band and Hand Of to work together in creating new and experimental art in Sheffield.

The collaboration provided the basis for a documentary which explores the cultural significance of brass bands in Yorkshire.

There were a number of activities and experiences linking the University of Sheffield with the wider community through the project including music workshops with Sheffield primary schools.

The grant was spent on a number of different musical instruments as well as music sheets.