IMechE Railway Challenge Team

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in February 2014
• Awarded £1500

The University of Sheffield’s IMechE Railway Challenge Team was formed for the first time in late 2013, aiming toIMechE Railway Challenge motor compete at a competition in June 2014. The competition involved designing and manufacturing a 10 ¼” gauge locomotive to compete in a series of challenges held at Stapleford Miniature Railway.

In the first year there were a few key components the team would not have been able to purchase without the support of the Alumni Foundation. These items included a petrol generator and a permanent magnet DC traction motor in order to power and drive the locomotive. Both of these are expensive items, crucial to the success of the locomotive and the team will be able to benefit from these purchases for a number of years to come.

Unfortunately, the team didn’t quite manage to produce a locomotive in time for the 2014 competition, however having attended the event the team had the chance to inspect the designs of the other locomotives which will help them compete fully next year.

The team now have a better idea of how to approach the competition next year and of the sort of challenges that they may face along the way.