University of Sheffield Lifesaving Club

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in May 2014
• Awarded £500

The Lifesaving Club became an official club as part of Sport Sheffield in September 2014. The club needed funding to cover the essential start-up costs such as the cost of free introductory sessions for potential new members and club membership to the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS). Membership to the RLSS enables the club to deliver lifesaving awards and meet RLSS safety standards. The Alumni Foundation was very much in support of the application and thought the new club was refreshing and would be beneficial to the wider University. A grant of £500 was awarded to assist with the initial start-up expenses.

Sheffield Life Saving Club

The funding that the club received has meant that initial costs have been covered. In addition, they are now able to train three times a week. Two sessions are pool based where the focus is on Lifesaving Sport techniques and water safety skills that the club utilise in SERCs (Simulated Emergency Response Competitions.) The third session is focused on learning first aid skills which allow members to gain qualifications in life support.

The initial promotional drive at the introductory sessions was a great success; the club currently has 25 members. This makes the University of Sheffield Lifesaving Club one of the larger lifesaving clubs across the country.

The success of the club can also be seen in their placing at the first BULSCA league event of the year. Seventeen club members came to the competition. Highlights included the success of the Fresher team who finished 2nd place in the Fresher competition and the A team who were placed 10th out of 32 teams.