School of English Postgraduate Colloquium 2014Poster

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in February 2014
• Awarded £310

The School of English needed funding to go towards the annual postgraduate colloquium. The School of English Postgraduate Colloquium Committee organises and hosts this annual one-day conference, inviting postgraduate speakers to engage with a given theme. The colloquium is run entirely by postgraduate students in the department.

The Alumni Foundation donated £310 to go towards the event's publicity costs. The Colloquium was a notable success, attracting an audience of around seventy-five postgraduates and staff from universities across the UK, including twenty-seven speakers. Many of these attendees had become aware of the event through the full-colour A4 and A5 posters that were sourced and printed using the funds provided by the Alumni Foundation. Due to the effectiveness of the publicity materials provided the colloquium attracted delegates from across the UK including the universities of Leicester, Exeter, York, Leeds, Plymouth, Southampton, Birmingham and Sheffield, making it a truly interdisciplinary and national event. As a result, the colloquium offered valuable networking and research experience for postgraduate students both in Sheffield’s department and across the UK.