Sheffield Model United Nations 2013 Conference

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in February 2013Group image
• Awarded £1000

The Alumni Foundation were delighted to grant £1000 to the Sheffield Model United Nations 2013 conference.

The Sheffield Model United Nations 2013 conference was held on November 15 - 17 2013. The conference was hosted across various venues including Sheffield Town Hall, Firth Court, St. George's Church and Mercure Hotel Sheffield. The conference brought together over 250 students from more than 60 universities in 40 countries for a three-day simulation of the United Nations committees and other international bodies. The conference received patronage from the European Parliament, the FCO and the Prime Minister of the UK.

The Alumni Foundation grant was fundamental in starting the project, and went towards paying the deposit for the venues and buying the space and domain name associated to their website. The contribution also allowed for a better service to participants in terms of hiring AV and projectors in the Town Hall, and by also having subsidiary meeting rooms in Firth Court.