Simurq Aeronautics

• Applied to the Alumni Foundation in February 2013
• Awarded £1000

Simurq Aeronautics is a student-led organisation within the University of Sheffield; dedicated to designing, Project imagebuilding and flying aircrafts to
participate in different competitions.

The group was initially established by a couple of enthusiastic engineering students and has grown since then; the group is now composed of more than 30 students from different backgrounds of engineering and mathematics. Simurq Aeronautics allows the students to utilise the skills they have learnt in a practical way.

The Alumni Foundation awarded Simurq Aeronautics a grant of £1000 to go towards the Human Powered Aircraft project.

The money was spent in covering material costs for the manufacturing of the aircraft and purchasing tools that would help develop the project in the long term. The team has spent its time since June 2012 manufacturing the aircraft. The overall cost of the project was approximately £4000, and the grant received from the Alumni Foundation has been essential in covering the project costs.