Recently supported projects

Since its launch, the Alumni Foundation has supported a variety of projects throughout the University that have benefited from the generosity of our supporters. You can read about how the money has been spent by reading our reports, click on the categories below to find out more.

Grant recipient stories

Ala Archa expedition to Kyrgyzstan

Ala Archa expeditionA group of students from the Departments of Geography, Environmental Science and the Medical School were awarded £1,450 to purchase a tent and safety equipment for their Ala Archa expedition into the Tien Shan mountain range in Kyrgyzstan.

The group carried out ground-breaking glaciological research to understand the short and long term effects of climate change, altitude physiology and sleep patterns, and carry out environmental stewardship.

Alfred Denny Museum

Alfred Denny Guillemot eggsThe Alfred Denny Museum's historical egg collections have been restored thanks to the Alumni Foundation award received in May 2018.

Egg collections are a controversial topic, and rightly so, as egg collecting can negatively impact bird populations and biodiversity. This is why egg collecting has been illegal since 1954. Our eggs, however, were collected legally in the 1800s and early 1900s. What's more, museum egg collections are of great scientific value. 

The eggs in our museum are primarily used to teach undergraduates about crucial topics in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, such as evolution and adaptation. These beautiful specimens are a proud component of the Alfred Denny Museum's collections and will be cherished for years to come. Thank you to the Alumni Foundation for making this possible.

Rebecca Ford, MBiolSci Biology, and Emma Hughes, PhD Animal & Plant Sciences

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society Conference£2,000 was awarded to the University of Sheffield’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology society to fund part of their inaugural National Conference in 2018. The event featured four speciality lectures and six workshops, hosting speakers from the UK and around Europe, and delegates attending from all UK Universities.

Men's Table Tennis

Men's Table Tennis 2018The University of Sheffield men’s Table Tennis first team qualified for the 2018 European University Games held in Coimbra, Portugal. They were awarded £620 to pay for their entry fee.

The Sheffield team competed against highly skilled opponents from Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic, some of which play for professional leagues outside of university, and the Samara University of Turkey, who count two world ranked players within their team. Luke Tattersall (PhD Bone Cancer Research) flew the flag for Sheffield in the opening ceremony. Tim Denby (BSc Financial Mathematics), David Eckl (MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and Kin Fung Chan (MEng Mechanical Engineering) scored wins for the Sheffield team during the competition.

Although the team didn’t make it into the final, they were able to make connections with players from all over Europe and pick up tips and training advice.

Thank you messages

Ala Archa expedition to Kyrgyzstan

Ala Archa Expedition tent"Thank you so much for the support and funding. Organisations like yours are what made our project happen."

Callum Sowden
MB ChB Clinical Medicine, Ala Archa Expedition 2018, awarded £1,450

"Our expedition was a great success, we were able to complete all of our objectives. This included collecting field data, completing several rock/mountain climbs and leading an educational week with local students from the American University of Central Asia. It was an incredible experience for all those involved, regularly including boundary pushing challenges. Memories have been formed that will last a lifetime, as well as masses of inspiration for future adventures. I would like to massively thank all those who supported us. Donations from the Alumni Foundation made this great four weeks possible, so thank you."

Sam Gillan
BSc Geography, Ala Archa Expedition 2018, awarded £1,450

Japan Day event

Japan Day performance"We were able to make our event even more accessible thanks to the generous donations of the University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation, reaching out to the people of Sheffield and deepening community ties. We would like to sincerely thank the donors for helping to make Japan Day such a memorable and rewarding experience or everyone involved."

Hannah Storer
BA East Asian Studies, Japan Day event, awarded £250

Sheffield Hornets Baseball Club

Sheffield Hornets Baseball"Your continued support is a major reason the club has been able to grow in the way that it has over the past two years, to the point now where we’ve been nominated for Most Improved Club at the Sports Awards and achieved our best ever win/loss record in the league this season. Your donations make a real impact to our team day in day out and we can’t express enough how thankful we are for your contributions."

Paige Baldwin
BSc Physics, Hornets Baseball Club, awarded £300

Uganda WC Project

Uganda WC Project"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, seeing this project completed was the most rewarding experience of my life!"

The Uganda WC project "will benefit hundreds of people in the community in Namavundu, Kampala for generations and [the Alumni Foundation] has been a part of that. The grant really was fundamental to our success, motivating us when we were struggling to meet the enormous fundraising target and covering the cost of the construction materials that were so essential. We learnt a huge amount from this whole project and will be sure to pass on the knowledge to others. Myself and the engineers are looking to continue fundraising and building these toilets in other locations in Kampala, now that we have taught the locals how to do it. Therefore, [the Alumni Foundation] has contributed to the beginning of something very special."

Lydia Darby
MA International Development, Uganda WC Project, awarded £500