Alumni Foundation Report – Sheffield University Dancesport Society

Image of Dancesport members in costume

The Sheffield University Dancesport Society represents the University at seven inter-varsity competitions every year, competing in Ballroom and Latin American dances. Last year we achieved first place in Division 2 of the largest country-wide Inter-varsity Dance competition held in the Winter Gardens Ballroom in Blackpool, among other successes at other competitions.

Dresses and accessories are an important part of ballroom and Latin dancing competitions. Presentation is essential as not only do clothes, hair and make-up make all the difference to being noticed by a judge, but also give the dancer confidence.

As a society we were most grateful to receive a £1,000 grant from the Alumni Foundation to buy new dresses, tail suits and accessories for the team. Our previous dresses have been worn for many years and were becoming tatty and out-dated, it was an embarrassment to dance in them against other teams with beautiful, modern dresses. Therefore, it was of great excitement to be able to buy new outfits in which we will feel proud to represent the University of Sheffield, and Sheffield as a city.

With the grant money we managed to buy new outfits for the whole A team, and some extra for the B team too. This included ballroom and Latin dresses, tail suit accessories to accompany the suits we already have, and Latin shirts and trousers. We are currently eagerly anticipating the first competition of this year, as we proudly wear our new outfits, and hopefully dance our way to even more medals this year.

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