Alumni Foundation Case Studies

Sports Clubs

Men’s Rugby Union

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2014
  • Awarded £800

The grant from the Alumni Foundation was used to purchase new equipment for the Men’s Rugby Union Club to use in their training sessions. Previously the equipment available was limited, broken and old. Thanks to the grant, the club was able to purchase new tackle shields, tackle tubs, training bibs and water bottles. This equipment allowed the club to run more structured sessions and advanced training drills, allowing all three teams to develop and progress as a result. This season the 1st XV have had the most successful season in recent history, winning the Northern 1A league.

Rugby Hockey

Women’s Football

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2014
  • Awarded £800

The Women’s Football Club were in desperate need of a new kit for their debut season in the BUCS Northern League 1A. The grant awarded by the Alumni Foundation allowed the club to cover the costs of kit for their entire squad. Further to this, with the step up to a more competitive league the club also used the grant to purchase new training equipment (cones, bibs, ladders etc.) and some well-needed footballs. This equipment enabled the team to work on their fitness and develop their technique further meaning they were better equipped to compete in their respective leagues. The club has also expanded its Intra-Mural teams with a vast improvement in participation from a few years ago. As a result, the club were able to field an 11-a-side team against Hallam in the Intra-Mural varsity in 2015.

Football Caving

Sheffield Bears Ice Hockey Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2014
  • Awarded £1050

With the money awarded by the Alumni Foundation, the Sheffield Bears we are able to purchase three brand new rental kits for students wishing to take up the sport of Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is a notoriously expensive sport and many students are discouraged from taking it up due to associated costs. Being able to offer rental kits is therefore a major help to the club in attracting new members without the burden of buying a brand new kit. The club is increasingly committed to expanding the development side of the squad; trying to encourage new students to get involved with the competitive aspect of the sport as well the lasting legacy of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Cycling Equestrian

Cycling Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2013
  • Awarded £940

The University of Sheffield Cycling Club has grown significantly over the past few years from 30 members in 2011 to over 100. The increased membership has led to more competitive riders joining the club and has allowed them to represent the University at BUCS and Varsity events.

The £940 award enabled the Club to purchase two high-quality track bikes to be used at BUCS track events and non-competitive track days. Since the purchase of the bikes, the club has been able to organise coached track days at Manchester Velodrome and plan to take trips to Derby Velodrome. The availability of the bikes has meant that BUCS competitors benefit from training with track quality bikes before they compete, without these bikes they would not be eligible to compete at BUCS. The club believes that the bikes are key to their development and will enable them to improve their ranking year on year.