Alumni Foundation Case Studies

Sports Clubs

Sheffield Engineers Rugby Football Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £550

How was the money spent?
The money was spent in collaboration with the University of Sheffield Rugby Football Club to purchase equipment predominantly designed to make rugby safer for new players. This equipment will all be stored at the new development at Norton Playing Fields and includes tackle shields, tackle suits and some brand new training balls and catching aids.

What impact did that grant have?
This grant will, in the coming year, make the University more active as we will be able to cater for more players than beforehand given our greater resources. It will also aid the club’s relationship with the University of Sheffield Rugby Football Club and this will hopefully lead to players playing for both clubs in the future.

Adam Rhys-Jones, MEng Aerospace Engineering

The engineers rugby team pose for a photo

Sheffield University Snowboard Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £750

How was the money spent?
The grant was split as intended between two projects, new training equipment for the club and a new gazebo. The training equipment is a new balance bar and trampoline training board from the company snowboard addiction. This board can be used on the balance bar to simulate rail and box freestyle tricks in order to improve progression, or on a trampoline to simulate spinning and inverting off of jumps in a safer, lower consequence environment than on snow. The gazebo has now also been purchased and is in the process of being custom designed and built for us by the supplier. As per the instructions of the alumni foundation we have purchased the superior gazebo of the two suggested (as it will last longer) and have had custom printing included with the alumni foundation logo.

What impact did the grant have?
Our club has a long standing record in the racing element of our competitions throughout the year. We have multiple consecutive regional titles and national podiums and are immensely proud of this. However our freestyle results have been lacking with some regional podiums but significantly fewer BUCS points for the university. Having this training equipment will allow us to run many more training sessions at a local trampoline park where we have succeeded in getting a discount. These sessions will be much less expensive than our on-snow training and thus allow our members more time to practice their freestyle tricks in a low risk environment. We expect this to translate into superior freestyle results in the 2018/19 competitions. Furthermore the sturdy nature of the equipment means with proper care this equipment will last our club for years to come.

Secondly the gazebo, prior to this season we have been one of the only snow sports clubs in the UK not to have one. Thanks to the alumni foundation we can now be seen on even footing to the rest of university snow sports in the UK. It will be immensely effective at our outdoor competitions, particularly at BUDS a 2 day dry slope event in Edinburgh in November, in keeping our competitors warm, dry and focused during their races and freestyle runs, as well as motivating more spectators to come to these events and cheer on our teams. It also will be invaluable in promoting the club at freshers fair and refreshers events allowing us to grow as a whole.

Alex Tapply, BA Economics and Politics

A female water polo player in mid throw

University of Sheffield and Water Polo Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £216

How was the grant spent?
The money was spent on buying Water Polo hats for the Water polo section of our club. At the moment we have four clubs playing, the boys firsts and seconds team, as well as the girls firsts and seconds team. This is the first time we have had four competetive teams playing and needed the hats on the occasion that they were playing at the same time. The running of 4 teams has also made administration costs higher. The swimming hats have been well received by everyone in the club, and we would like to say thank you to the alumni that donated, as well as the committee that allowed us to receive the grant.

What impact did the grant have?
As a club with very high running costs, we appreciate every bit of help that we can get in terms of funding. The Alumni fund giving us the grant has made the members both feel happier and feel like they’re getting more from their membership. We now have much better quality hats which has helped us in the pool as well, with all of the teams performing very well! It also gives the impression that we are a water polo club that takes the sport seriously, when we come up against our opponents.

Johan Peshkepija, MEng Civil and Structural Engineering

Hornets baseball and varsity flag

Sheffield Hornets Baseball

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £300

How was the grant spent?
The grant was extremely useful as it gave us the money to upgrade from the fabric based bases we’ve used in previous years to a set of plastic moulded.

What impact did the grant have?
These are more durable and will last the club a number of years before needing to be replaced, not to mention that they’re more closely akin to the types of bases used in professional baseball games, which gives our members a better game day experience. In addition to this the plastic bases are far safer than the old fabric bases as the old bases tended to move when a player slid into them, which could result in injury due to players getting caught up in the strings attached to the pegs. 

We’ve been nominated for Most Improved Club at the Sports Awards and achieved our best ever win loss record in the league this season.

Paige Baldwin, BSc Physics

Two male taekwondo fighters in competition

Taekwondo Club

  • Applied to the Alumni Foundation in November 2017
  • Awarded £500

How was the grant spent?
The taekwondo club has put the alumni grant towards three full sets of full contact WT sparring gear; a bag to transport the equipment to competitions and two lockable boxes for storing the equipment in the training room.

What impact did the grant have?
The sparring sets were essential to our success at the national student competition, the British Student Taekwondo Federation. We had 13 competition entries, which we are very proud of and came away with three gold, three silver and one bronze medal and became ITF team champions for 2018 (ITF is a style of taekwondo), an amazing achievement for the club. The whole event was only possible with funding support as it is an expensive trip that our members would only attend with financial support from the club and grants.

Emma Hartley, BSc Biology