Celebrating 100 years of University Sport

100 years of University Sport

This academic year, 2018/19, represents 100 years of University Sport (currently BUCS) and the University of Sheffield was one of the original ten founding members from across the UK.

As part of this year of celebration we want to collect and share some of your best sporting memories. Your story might be a match you watched or competed in, a team you were a part of, or a sport you discovered a life-long passion for. We’ll be sharing these stories throughout the year on social media and other channels, potentially even in next year's magazine.

Submit your Sheffield Sporting Memories

To help mark this occasion Sport Sheffield is planning a number of celebration events both locally and nationally to recognise this, involving alumni, staff, students and the wider community as well.

Throughout the year we will be highlighting our heritage within sport and launching new activities (or promoting existing ones such as Women in Sport, Disability in Sport, International Students in Sport) to increase engagement in sport both at the University and in the wider Sheffield community.

We will be celebrating our centenary with our alumni on a variety of events including:

Plus, many of these events will be helping to raise funds to support Participation Grants at the University of Sheffield - these grants help students get involved in sports while studying, which can be hugely beneficial for physical and mental health.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates and news over the coming year!

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