Alumni Volunteers help Sheffield students Achieve More 

Achieve More is a unique teaching and learning initiative run by each Faculty at The University of Sheffield and is completed by all first year students. The initiative aims for students to acquire important personal, academic and professional skills, engage with real-world problems, work closely with external partners and alumni, and provide them with the opportunity to make a real impact on local and global communities.

Stretching over two weeks, over 170 alumni from the Faculties of Engineering, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences returned to campus to support students with their project development. Alumni presented to students about their careers, fed back on student presentations, critiqued final artefacts, participated in career networking and supported the students in their skills development.

Faculty of Social Sciences alumni volunteer Frances Troup graduated from Law in 1984 and is currently a Barrister. She said:

“I decided to get involved with the State of Sheffield because I felt I might have some experience which I could share with the students to help them through their projects and more widely as they consider how they may achieve their career aspirations. The students were really interested and engaged in discussions about work; seeking advice about how they could maximise their time at the University and in the wider community.”

Paulo Oliveira (MSc Process Safety and Loss Prevention 2013) has supported the Faculty of Engineering’s week-long module, Global Engineering Challenge, for a number of years and reflects on the role he sees alumni having:

“As an alumnus to participate in Global Engineering Challenge is to become part of the talent emerging from Sheffield University by supporting, coaching and learning with the students. I look forward to it every year and will do for many years to come.”

First year BA German and Music student Marta Cymerman, who took part in the event reflected on the experience:

“My group debated the dilemmas concerning the ownership and access to the arts on local and national scales. Throughout the week we researched the problem of reaching new audiences in Sheffield and prepared a digital artefact that we presented to the graduates of the University.

“The alumni were passionate and knowledgeable people who gave us invaluable feedback on the artefact, willing to share their own personal and professional experiences. I was prompted to reflect on the skills I brought to the team as well as to develop new ones that reach beyond my comfort zone.

“Think Create taught me to adapt to different styles of working and communication, present ideas to an audience and collaborate in an interdisciplinary and international team. It was a truly inspirational and enjoyable experience for me.”

 Emma Packham, Alumni Volunteering Manager said:

"These academic modules become incredibly valuable and relevant to the students with input from alumni. Alumni not only bring an external perspective to the projects, but also reinforce the message to students that engaging with initiatives like this can really boost their career prospects. Alumni have joined us for a full day on campus away from home and work commitments, and I am incredibly grateful for such support and enthusiasm."

If you would like to be informed about volunteering activities ensure your contact and business details are up to date with us. You can register your interest via our Volunteer sign-up page.

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Achieve More 2017

Achieve More Feb 2017

Alumni and students networking during the event