Winners make it three years in a row at the Alumni Football Tournament 2018 

The winning side 'Fly Me to the Moon'

On Saturday 14 April, budding alumni footballers made their way to Sport Sheffield’s Goodwin Sports Centre to take part in the annual Alumni Football Tournament.

Two leagues of teams started the day (15 total), featuring graduates from 2006 up to just last summer. As all teams got stuck in, only half made it through to the afternoon with a top eight quarter final knockout, comprising the top four teams from each league. The victors from these then went into two semi-finals, before the top two teams, ‘HEW’ and ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, met for a match of glory in the final.

Reigning champions ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ were crowned the tournament winners for the third year running, begging the question - can anyone beat this side?

Following the football, teams headed across to Bar One in the Sheffield Students’ Union for a pie and pea supper. There was more friendly competition as the Alumni Quiz got underway, followed by some retro dance moves at Pop Tarts Reunited.

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