Sheffield alumni come to the aid of University Hockey Club

Sheffield University Hockey ClubAt the end of September the Sheffield University Hockey Club suffered a dramatic loss to their equipment when the coach the men’s team was returning from a match on caught fire, destroying the majority of the team’s equipment.

Thankfully everyone was evacuated from the bus in time, and no injuries were sustained, but the fire tore through the bus, destroying £40,000 worth of club kit. While insurance would cover the majority of this, the fire took place right at the start of the season, just as the club was welcoming new players and ramping up training. Such a loss could have had a terrible impact on the future of hockey at Sheffield.

Instead, the club worked with the us to contact their alumni, former hockey club members, who did something amazing. In less than a week they donated over £8,500 to help the club replace the most urgently needed equipment to allow them to keep competing (including in the BUCS national university competition) and winning. There were also numerous offers of kit donations, and connections with equipment companies were able to set up discounts to help the club replace what they had lost.

On their fundraising page the Club said:

“The support we have received over the last month has been incredible. We are stunned and so grateful for your good will. We've been able to replace all the club kit lost in the fire and although the insurance process is still underway, your donations have given us the ability to train and compete in BUCS matches (even winning some of them!!). The bus fire, whilst extremely unfortunate, has made us a closer knit club that all members are proud to be part of. We look forward to the rest of an exciting and promising season.”

The men's hockey teams with some of the new kit

This episode just goes to show the resilience our clubs and students have in the face of adversity, as well as the incredible generosity of Sheffield alumni, and how even many years down the line they still remain a part of their University.

You can read more about the appeal via the Hockey Club’s JustGiving page.

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