The Alfred Denny Museum, The Arctic Monkeys Room and Kelham Island: 111 Places in Sheffield That You Shouldn’t Miss

111 Places In Sheffield That You Shouldn't Miss book coverA new illustrated guide book showcasing Sheffield to a whole new audience of visitors was recently launched at the University of Sheffield.

From its bars, beauty spots and industrial heritage, to the room where the Arctic Monkeys cut their first album, acclaimed author Michael Glover uncovers the quirkier side of Sheffield and picks out some the city’s hidden highlights in the new book 111 Places in Sheffield That You Shouldn’t Miss.

Glover, an acclaimed art critic, poet and native of Sheffield, was supported by the University of Sheffield and Marketing Sheffield in the researching and writing of the guide book. Sheffield joins the tourist hotspots of York, Liverpool, Bath and Cambridge in being one of the select few UK cities to be featured in the '111 Places' series outside London.

The guidebook highlights the Alfred Denny Museum of Zoology (located in the University of Sheffield’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences), the original home of Sheffield’s famous Henderson’s Relish, and the ‘glass-roofed oasis’ of the Winter Garden as just a few of city’s hidden gems.

Michael Glover, the book’s author, said:

“As a native Sheffielder, this book is my attempt to give back to the city of my birth all that it has given to me in so many different ways – to characterise it, to bring it alive, to show off its partially hidden virtues and splendours, from its marvellous industrial achievements to its buildings, from its dramatic hilliness to its music, from its local ale houses to the countryside which engulfs it. This book is my essence of Sheffield.”

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City and Culture at the University of Sheffield, said

“As part of the Cultural Destinations project, we have worked closely with Michael Glover to help develop the content for this wonderful book which captures the beauty and quirkiness of the city of Sheffield.

“We are delighted to now see this book on the shelves which firmly places Sheffield as one of the wonderful cities around the world to visit.”

The '111 Places' illustrated guidebook series presents cities, regions and even whole countries from a wonderfully different and personal perspective. They actively encourage the traveller to go off the beaten path to find the hidden places, stories, shops and neighbourhoods that unlock a destination’s true character, history, and flavour.

The book is the first guide book about Sheffield to be specifically commissioned by a publisher and reflects the eye of the writer.

The book was released at an event at the University of Sheffield recently (Wednesday 6 December 2017), and is available at a number of retailers including Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwells, as well as independent book shops.

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