Meet your postgraduate scholars

Generous donations from alumni and friends of the University have this year given 36 students the life-changing opportunity to undertake a postgraduate degree at Sheffield. We spoke to two talented students who are beginning their new courses this year thanks to the postgraduate scholarships that you have helped to provide.

Anna Beckett

Anna BeckettAnna’s undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at Sheffield gave her the perfect platform from which to build a career as a research scientist. Her next step is to take an MSc in Molecular Medicine and she has always been convinced that she wanted this to be at Sheffield. She said:

“From the first time I visited Sheffield on an open day in the rain I loved it, and after spending the past three years in Sheffield for my undergraduate degree, there was no other place I wanted to study than at a University where 84% of research is world-leading.”

Anna has a summer job which contributes towards her living costs, but receiving the scholarship has taken the weight of struggling to pay tuition fees off her shoulders and given her the breathing space to focus on following her chosen career. She added:

“The scholarship will enable me to put the most time and effort I can into studying for my master’s, which is an intense course, instead of having to fit studying around working in a part time job to be able to afford my tuition fees, rent and living costs.

“I would like to say thank you to the donors who have made my scholarship possible. Without it I would not have been able to go on to postgraduate study which will hopefully open up many other opportunities for me. I hope by receiving this scholarship and completing my master’s degree it will mean in the future I could be in the position to give back to the University like you have done.”

Cameron Fay

Cameron FayAfter studying for an undergraduate degree in History & Portuguese at the University of Manchester, Cameron decided he wanted to take an MA in Intercultural Communication and International Development to help him towards a career in international development. He was unsure about whether he could afford it, but decided to apply for a scholarship at Sheffield after talking to an older couple on holiday in Brazil who suggested he look into funding as they thought it would be a shame not to pursue something he is passionate about. Cameron said:

“The scholarship has allowed me to pursue my ambitions. Coming from a low-income background, without it I would not have been able to fund my master’s for many years. It has taken much of the financial stress out of studying and, as I am not having to work too many hours to fund my living costs, I am able to dedicate some hours towards volunteering with a local refugee centre. It will also allow me to engage fully with the course and take advantage of the opportunity to go on the field trip to either the Galapagos, Tanzania or Nepal, and to gain professional experience with an NGO in Mozambique!

“Thank you so much to all the donors for providing me with this opportunity! Without the help provided by this scholarship I would have been hard-pressed to find the funds to pursue my ambition of undertaking an MA in International Development. Your support really does open up opportunities for people like myself who, whilst possessing the academic ability, may not have otherwise had the financial means to fund a postgraduate course. For that I am truly grateful!”

Your donations have helped fund 36 postgraduate scholarships worth £10,000 each for students starting their courses in 2016. Postgraduate qualifications are often the gateway to professional careers, such as teaching, law and medicine, and your support is vital to helping talented students achieve their potential.

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