Spooky Sheffield Halloween Tales

In the spirit of Halloween we have reached out across the University and summoned up a collection of stories about spooky goings on at the University. If you have any scary tales of your own share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

The Graves BuildingThe Students’ Union is no stranger to spooky incidents. In the old Graves Building (which is now home to Interval) there have been many stories and sightings of a grey lady who is known to move and throw objects around, as well as pulling unsuspecting victim’s hair.

Another tale from the Union may keep you out of the Auditorium for good. While lights turning on and off, and strange noises coming through the PA system could be put down to dodgy wiring or mischievous students the men in flat caps are something else.

One of the staff from the Union reported seeing two men sat in the front row wearing flat caps. Upon going down to find out what they were doing in there (it was first thing in the morning) both disappeared before they could come face to face with them. Colleagues wrote this off as their eyes playing tricks on them until another member of staff had another run in with them.

A new member of staff was found looking very pale and shaken up outside the auditorium. When they could eventually speak again they flat-out refused to enter the auditorium. Whilst cleaning the room they had spied the two men in flat caps, sitting in the front row once again. And before he could ask them to leave (as the building wasn’t open yet) they vanished once again, right before his eyes.

University office

In the old School of English, a former maternity hospital, ghostly figures of doctors could be seen roaming the corridors.

On Favell Road where the IC now stands, staff have also reported seeing the ghostly ‘White Lady’ on the other sides of doors as they were going to open them, as well as items flying off desks and moving across cabinets.

Firth Hall

Another story takes place in Firth Court. Whilst setting up the main hall late at night, a member of the set-up team glimpsed a tall, thin figure with short dark hair, dressed in black with long red robes out of the corner of his eye. He turned to ask his colleague who the intruder was, only for them to say: “What man?”, and turning back finding the figure in red was nowhere to be seen.

Bartolome House

The Law School now inhabits the imposing Bartolome House, an old hospital for consumption. During the day the building has a stately air but once night descends it takes on a different atmosphere, with a sense of being watched and figures spotted around the roof terrace where patients went to take in the air. The walls have also been said to ‘speak’, particularly during storms.

The Sir Frederick Mappin BuildingBut by far the most reported location for supernatural occurrences is the Sir Frederick Mappin Building. One person spoke of seeing the reflection of a woman’s head in different doors and of lights turning on and off. Another told of knocking on office doors with no culprits to be found, and a dark apparition at the end of the corridor.

Students also spoke of seeing a figure resembling a deceased professor wandering the halls and disappearing, along with other robed figures wandering the corridors late at night.

Another story told of a member of staff filing away on Floor F, only for the door to slam shut, despite a heavy metal weight holding the door open, and no window for the wind to blow through. Needless to say they have avoided the room ever since.

If any of these stories sound familiar to you let us know, or share your own tales of spooky happenings on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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