MOOCs from Sheffield

Massive Open Online Courses

If you’ve finished your course but want to continue learning, or dip into a new subject, then one of our MOOCs might be just the thing for you.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a new phenomenon in online education which give learners from around the world access to free, web-based, open content produced by world-class institutions.

Sheffield has launched a range of free online courses, including ones that look into which medical treatments get funding, building a future with robots, and how to succeed in a global workplace.

Two of the courses of particular relevance for recent graduates cover How to Succeed at Writing Applications and at Interviews. We hope that these courses will help our graduates, as well as others, put forward the best of themselves and what they have learned during their time at Sheffield, as they move out into the professional world.

For details on all the online courses provided by the University visit the Sheffield FutureLearn website

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