Good luck to all our Varsity athletes

The Arts Tower decorated for Varsity 2016For the next week we're keeping our fingers crossed for our talented student athletes competing in the 20th anniversary Varsity event with Sheffield Hallam university.

The competition has grown over the past two decades, and this year a record number of students are set to compete in the annual event which will see nine days of competition in over 20 different venues.

A growing tradition

In 2007, the tenth year of Sheffield Varsity, the two university sports officers Tom Howard (University of Sheffield) and Tim Jones (Sheffield Hallam) wanted the competition to have a bigger impact – in Tom’s words, "creating a festival of sport."

Tom's ambition was realised because the competition has continuously evolved since then, gaining more participation and spectators than ever.

Last year, the final ice hockey event set a new record for the highest attendance at a Varsity ice hockey game outside of North America, and this record is likely to be broken, with up to 8000 people set to attend this year’s final at the Sheffield arena on Wednesday 20 April.

Since varsity launched in 1997, our University has won seven times and we've drawn with Hallam twice.

We've triumphed for the last three consecutive years and now everyone is hoping for a repeat victory.

Flic Wilbraham, our current University Sports Officer, said:

“Varsity has been my favourite time in the University calendar for the past three years and I'm so excited for this year's events.

“This is definitely set to be the best Varsity yet and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone support our black and gold teams. Let’s keep the trophy where it belongs for the fourth year in a row.”

Going black and gold 

Keith Lilley, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, said:

“We want to wish all our student athletes the best of luck and it’s great to be able to show them our support by spelling out Varsity in black and gold in the highest building on campus”.

“To win four years in a row would be a great achievement, and we hope the Arts Tower message will give our team an extra boost.”

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