Sheffield students on a mission to reconnect with alumni

Each year a team of students come together for the annual alumni calling campaign, and this autumn they’re on a mission to reconnect with as many graduates as they can. Our students love chatting to alumni to find out more about their unique Sheffield experience through the ages, and enjoy hearing about where a degree from Sheffield can take you.

The team is specially selected to include students from a range of different courses, backgrounds, clubs and societies, to give a broad view of what it’s like to be a student at Sheffield today. They all have one thing in common however - they love Sheffield and are very excited to share news and updates from the University and city.

They’re also keen to share how alumni gifts have impacted them personally and across campus, and offer more information about other opportunities to get involved and help Sheffield students even further.

Members of the call team, which is led by a group of student supervisors, were eager to share their messages for our donors, and tell you what they enjoy most about their role. 

Anna, MBChB Medicine - Student CallerAnna, MBChB Medicine - Student Caller

The best thing about the role is getting to speak to a huge range of alumni. It's always so interesting to hear what first attracted people to the University of Sheffield and what they’ve done since. From people who are born and bred in Sheffield, to people who just loved the city on open days, the alumni we call always speak so fondly of their time here, and it's fun to compare notes on how the University and city have changed or stayed the same.

My message to donors

I would like to say a massive thank you to all our donors. Last year I benefited from a financial grant to help me deal with an unexpected change in circumstances and it lifted a huge amount of pressure, allowing me to focus on my studies instead. The money you donate makes a real difference and I can honestly say it has a real impact for students.

What are you looking forward to most in the next campaign?

Getting to return to calling, I’m looking forward to seeing past callers again and meeting the new ones too.

Student Caller AlexAlex, MA Historical Research – Student Supervisor

The best thing about the role is the variety of different people you get to speak to when chatting with alumni, some of whom will have studied a subject similar to my own, and others something totally different! No matter what, however, there’ll always be really interesting stories and you’ll always learn something really valuable.

My message to donors

Thank you so much for continuing to support your alma mater! Thanks to your generosity we can continue to make a real and tangible difference to the student experience at Sheffield. It’s a real vote of confidence to receive such assistance from alumni!

What are you looking forward to most in the next campaign?

I really enjoyed working as a caller on the previous two campaigns, and I’m relishing the chance to help out new callers and keep them motivated. There is so much variety, as two calls are never the same - that variety makes the job so enjoyable!

Maddie, MSc Psychological Research Methods and Advanced Statistics - Student SupervisorMaddie, MSc Psychological Research Methods and Advanced Statistics - Student Supervisor

One of my favourite things about the role is changing people’s perceptions of calling; lots of student callers (including myself a couple of years ago) are nervous when it first comes to calling our alumni, but after a few really interesting and engaging calls people really take a shine to it and start coming out of their shells. They quickly learn that our alumni want to speak to us, share their great memories, and generously want to donate to help students.

My message to donors

To donors I would say thank you so much for your generosity! Your donations are really appreciated. Also, we thank you for taking time to speak to our students and sharing your experiences and memories with us. These conversations can make lasting impressions on students.

What are you looking forward to most in the next campaign?

Old and new faces! It’s always exciting seeing a new calling team come together, and also experiencing the buzz in the call room when everyone is on the phone having great conversations and taking donations.

Oliver, MSc Economics and Health Economics - Student Caller

I really enjoy the fact that every single shift is different. You have no idea who you’re going to call and you don’t know where their studies at the University have taken them. It’s incredibly exciting when you’re talking to alumni who are travelling the world or working in jobs that are slowly changing the world - and it all proves that a degree from Sheffield really can take you anywhere!

My message for donors

In previous years I’ve been incredibly fortunate to benefit from the support that is offered to students from generous donors. As a member of the Cercle Français I’ve seen how societies also benefit from grants so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to support us!

What are you looking forward to most in the next campaign?

More fascinating conversations about everything from philosophy to travelling the world!

Natasha, BA History - Student Caller

Being a Student Caller is a fantastic job as I know I can come into work after having a stressful day of studying and have really amazing chats with Sheffield graduates. I love hearing about their experiences at Sheffield and they often offer some really amazing advice about the future. It makes me feel so proud that alumni and students can continue to share and be part of the Sheffield community.

My message to donors

Thank you so much for continuing to inspire and help students at the University of Sheffield. Your donations help so many students through university, and also the time which many of you offer to the university as volunteers is so valuable.

What are you looking forward to most in the next campaign?

Getting back on the phone and having some amazing phone calls, as well as meeting all the new student callers who will be a really great asset to the student calling team!

For more information about the call team please visit the Telephone Campaign website

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