Students connecting with Sheffield Alumni

Student callers from the 2017-18 groupStarting this week, and running for the next seven weeks, the University’s Development, Alumni Relations and Events office is running its bi-annual telephone campaign to reconnect with graduates of the University of Sheffield.

Throughout the campaign, current students will be taking to the phones to call alumni and see how they are getting on after completing their studies at Sheffield, and to update them on what is currently going on at the University. For many alumni it can be a few years since they graduated, and the University may have changed a lot, so chatting with students is a great way to hear how their university and department is getting on, and what life as a student is like nowadays.

As well as keeping alumni informed about the goings-on at the University, our callers also ask whether alumni would like to give back. They might choose to donate to support life-changing bursaries and scholarships, help student clubs and activities through the Alumni Foundation, or contribute to bringing new medical imaging technology to Sheffield through our Sheffield Scanner campaign. Graduates can also choose to give their time through our Alumni Volunteering programme, which gives them the chance to share their experience and expertise with the next generation of Sheffield students.

Every year, thousands of alumni, staff, parents and other friends choose to support the University and its students, by donating to support our fundraising projects. We are incredibly grateful to every one of these donors. Psychology graduate Roscoe Hastings (BSc Psychology 2012) explained why he chooses to give:

"My time at the University of Sheffield was one of the best that I could have hoped for; it's therefore important to me that I give something back to the institution that gave me so much to ensure that future students have the best experience that they can during their time at Sheffield."

Last year saw our alumni being more generous than ever before, with donations from our telephone campaign totalling over £180,000 to support a huge range of incredible projects across the University.

Membes of the calling team speaking to alumniMany of the donations we receive go towards providing scholarships and bursaries to students coming to Sheffield who might not otherwise get the chance to study at university. This could provide support to a young carer who is commuting between university and home, or to a care leaver, who has no family to support them. This sort of support can also help low-income students who are working part-time to cut back on their hours, or be more selective in the jobs they take, so they can commit more of their time and energy to their studies.

As well doing a huge amount of good reconnecting graduates with their University, our student callers also gain some great experience, both from working in a professional environment, but also from speaking to graduates. While they are discussing details about changes at the University, alumni share their own stories as well, passing on wisdom and experiences from their careers - whether they have just made the transition to start out their career, to those that are reaching the pinnacle.

One of our callers said:

"It's really interesting to hear about other people's experiences, I have spoken to some amazing people. It's also great to see how generous people can be and the goodwill they have for the University."

We hope all our graduates have a great time chatting with our students, hearing what it’s like studying in Sheffield today.

If you are a Sheffield graduate and would like to tell us how to keep in contact with you, please complete our Contact Preferences Form.

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